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    Mybe might will still contribute the same amount of physical mastery than before. Then the problems with old stattomes and relics wouldn't be that big, whereas being able to use two stat tomes (~ +160) to improve dps is a bit imbalanced.
    We will see...

    Dammit: There is already a discussion about that in the wardens forums
    And a lot of answers from RockX.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynchpin13 View Post
    Wardens to agility? so all the tanking armour sets, jewellery etc. will be useless for wardens since it has might. This will be a total fiasco forcing everyone that plays the class to totally regear and there will have to be a whole new set of tanking jewellery added just for wardens.
    I would imagine actual Warden set gear, shields, and medium armor items will have their stats converted to Agility. and that jewelry and pocket items are what will need to be replaced. I expect they are trying to simplify gear itemization, so they would want Warden gear to be more interchangeable with Hunter gear, this might mean that totally new warden items for tanking might not be needed and instead certain stats would convert to warden stats, possibly based on stance.

    Probably the biggest issue as mentioned by another poster will be fro anyone who has invested in might tomes and how that will be handled.

    Hopefully they will get a dev diary up on the conversion plan sooner rather than later.

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    lag in snowbourn

    Pfffff almost no importance given for the lag we all experience here on snowbourn. Wait and see dear Turbine, we are all preparing tickets on our server because we are fed up with the 10-30 sec skill lag generally admitted by everyone in ettens on both sides.
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    Only during the grace period. After that Agility will give the warden Phy Mastery/TM. Might will still be the source of block/phy mit. so again the warden will be pulled between 3 stats while guards will only have 2. The Devs now think we are avoidance tanks after telling us before we were not avoidance tanks but self mitigating tanks. Now we will still be bound to the avoidance caps (block caps ~12k yet i can buff myself to 19k) while losing phy mitigation with the stat switching from might to agil.

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    "Q29 @katabendroth Will hunters get more survivability, akin to the survivability of almost every other (non tank) class?
    A29 Hoarsedev Future updates to classes will make things like this a choice but not a given. #LOTRO
    A29 Would you trade damage for survivability?"

    Have you ever played as anything but a hunter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maiki1978 View Post
    Pfffff almost no importance given for the lag we all experience here on snowbourn. Wait and see dear Turbine, we are all preparing tickets on our server because we are fed up with the 10-30 sec skill lag generally admitted by everyone in ettens on both sides.
    They already answered questions about lag and performance in the past. The answer was always "We are working on it." and "Its complicated.".

    A more or less honest and satisfying answer probaply would be something like:
    "We don't know how to solve the problems within our possibilities."
    But you can't blame them that they don't say things like that. (not really...)

    So the only way to deal with this problem is don't ask what turbine can do for you: ask what you can do for turbine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galuhad View Post
    Thank you! This is a question I've been wanting to see an answer to for a very long time. Please please please get to it sooner rather than later HoarseDev
    It was good to see that they were familiar with it at least. Good session overall.

    As I'm sure has been mentioned elsewhere the very well drafted survey (http://turbine.a1a3776f1279.sgizmo.com/s3?m=D0532) offers players an opportunity to state their preference on several levels. Perhaps the results of that will bump kinship revision up a notch or two.

    Although it may make more sense for socially driven players to improve community first and tweak classes second, that survey allows folks to express their priorities. I was encouraged by its quality.

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    I guess I am finding it hard to understand why there is this incessant need and/or craving to change the classes every year. It seems that there is so much time spent on these "class changes", that other aspects of this game that would be viable (not to mention welcomed) get put on the back burner or taken off of the stove completely.

    Quite frankly, instead of changing classes that really had no issues in the first place all the time, I'd rather you put more content into the game, and or fix what is already there that is broken (in a timely fashion). I.E. A new PvP map that will never happen, more endgame content (also released in a much more consistent manner), more polishing of content that is released (I'm OCD about it, but if you put a door in the game, I should be allowed to open it. It doesn't matter if there is nothing inside to see of interest. Otherwise, why even put the cosmetic up?), a Kinship revamp that I will be shocked to see.. if we get it at all... ever, Housing (I am not holding my breath on this either), actual dynamic player events (Warbands are not dynamic events, those are static spawns that pop up on open landscape), and what ever of the 1000's of other suggestions that have been made by several players just on the forums alone.

    As a side note, when I said more endgame content, I meant original endgame content. Not endgame content that got scaled and had new loot thrown in. While it is fun sometimes to go and visit old content that you haven't seen or visited in a couple of years, that is not "new endgame". That is old refurbished endgame. That is more of the "same-ol, same-ol".

    Regardless, I'll learn the class changes like I have in the past. It doesn't really bother me to tell the truth, I just do not see why so much time is spent developing these changes and what effects they will have when there was nothing really wrong in the first place. As opposed to developing more content or fixing what is already there, that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RockX View Post
    Blushing may have occurred.

    That was priceless - (or should I say "Awwwwwwwsome" ? )
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    [Content Deleted By Poster]
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    There were some interesting tidbits in that. I appreciate the devs/CM's holding the chat and for posting a transcript as well.

    I was especially pleased to see that we might have a new community site soon, since having forums work as they used to would be lovely.

    And on the off chance that the right dev(s) might be browsing the thread for varied reactions, I'll just say that it would be nice to see the class revamps and future content tilt back to having some craft and guile needed in group tactics again, shifting away from what I see as the prevalent "DPS is everything" mentality we've had for quite a while now. Brute force and blitzing instances has gotten boring, to boot.

    My main is a burglar, and I miss when being able to debuff mattered (and I had the skills to do so, which is a related issue). I rarely go to the Moors, so PVE is my main focus in the game. I'd like to feel like my class had more value to offer the group than beating up on a single target, as I did before. After all, if I had simply wanted to play what was mainly a melee DPS character, I would have been a champion.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Oh I'm so happy that housing will get a revamp!
    Hello, New Forums.

    Why isn't there a special part of the forums that just has to do with festivals or the candy jars at Turbine? I mean, that's all that's important right?

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    There is no need for a letter from Kate Paiz, this will suffice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bethup View Post
    Oh I'm so happy that housing will get a revamp!
    Um I would wait until I actually saw it in game before I get too excited.

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    Being one of the skeptics, a vitriolic member and a general pain id like to offer a tip of the hat to turbine. Excellent communication, broad scope of issues covered and genuinely up beat discourse. Saw a few people in GLFF chatting about the twitter chat, good job keep them coming.

  16. My question wasn't answered, so no news on pricing/packaging changes on the War steed colours.
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    Really people? Really?

    No one discuss housing and kinship revamp?? I think these chat news are the best ones ever!!

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    Housing and Kinship revamp > Lag

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    Great chat. I don't particularly like no dread on landscape...

    Are there any plans to update the character models and animations
    An axis to the head that is usable would be nice, and this doesn't require a complete overhaul. Being able to target something and your head faces it. It should be able to look up and down and left and right relative to where their body is facing. Looks good for RPing and just for overall immersion.

    Revisions of the screams would be nice too.

    Also perhaps revising the body itself. On men they look too thin at the waist no matter what size they seem to have hour glass figures XD

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    A1 RockX - Wardens are being switched to use Agility as their main stat (there will be a grace period to allow you to get gear). #LOTRO

    Um is this a joke? Please tell me it is lol. So now wardens will have to compete with hunters and burgs to get geared and guards will get all the VIT gear to themselves. And we'll miss out on mitigation bonuses from the usual Vit/might gear. I prefer the way it is now, we get dps and healing bonuses from might and the mits from Vit. Why fix what isn't broken? Why not fix warden's JoDF or other bugs that have been around forever such as cappy "jump" rez, wl/cappy bug in moors, DF bugging out bosses in pve...
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    Quote Originally Posted by radspakr View Post
    My question wasn't answered, so no news on pricing/packaging changes on the War steed colours.
    Because there's no need to change anything about those things. Too expensive? Don't buy 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schinderhannes View Post
    Nice to see that agility is going to be the new main/secondary stat for dd wardens. But still a disadvantage over most of the other classes that only have one major stat to look for, because it gives the most important bonuses.

    Minstrels: Will (Heal, and tactical mastery)
    Lore-master: Will (Heal, and tactical mastery)
    Runekeeper: Will (Heal, and tactical mastery)
    Champions: Might (Damage and physical mitigation)
    Captains: Might (Heal, and tactical mastery)
    Burglar: Agility (Physical mastery and crit)
    Hunter: Agility (Physical mastery and crit)

    I'm not totally sure, but maybe adding physical mastery to vitality and a morale debuff on damage stances could balance a change to one major stat.
    The only thing wardens and guardians had to look for is setbonuses and crit/or BPE ratings like the other classes.
    i'm not sure if that is also a good idea. i got really attached to my warden and really mastered all my fighting styles with it. my opinion is to just leave it as it is.

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    Thumbs up

    I'm very excited to read that housing and even a kinship revamp are finally being given attention. Looking forward to whatever you'll be coming up with. I know my expectations are high

    Also I love this way of interacting with the community. It makes you look like humans caring about the game and about doing nice stuff for us. That's important to me. It makes me feel all warm and giddy. Awww

    Keep up the good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    Q3 @ForgotmyGambits – Can we please get an ETA for Update 10?
    A3 Rowan - It will be on Bullroarer next week!
    Well, damn! I sure picked a great time to take a break from the game. Now I'm all... mixed emotions and stuff =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eartholloth View Post
    Um I would wait until I actually saw it in game before I get too excited.
    I'd wait to see how much it's gong to cost before getting too excited. I guess a thank you is in order to all those people who said they'd pay $50 for housing in that thread xRaina started asking what people would pay for?


    Nice change about landscape dread upon defeat. Now remove the negative skirmish marks debuff in skirmishes as well please. :P


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