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    Tears of The Valar

    Tears of the Valar is a rank 10 kinship established by the time Lotro was launched.

    This is the legacy of ToTV:
    Tears of The Valar relates Tolkiens world by the tale of the Vala Nienna: ”Lady of Mercy". Vala Nienna, one of the Queens of the Valar, was the tutor of Olórin (Gandalf) and he became her greatest pupil as we all know by now. She weeps constantly. But she does not weep for herself; she does not weep of endless grief, but rather of hope and the endurance of the spirit.
    Members of ToTV are all tears of the vala Nienna and are bound to follow in the footsteps of Gandalf and thereby serve as protectors of the Lady of Mercy by disclosing evilness she otherwise cannot see for the mercy of her mind.
    The tears of Nienna, the Lady of Mercy, are those of healing, pity and potency; not of sadness.

    As u can imagine we have a lively fantasy and we love the world of Tolkien. We are both casual and addicted players of Lotro. ToTV memebers have a wide range of age (20-65). We strive to be polite, and respectful towards any other members and players in lotro; we expect the same in return from you. We respect each individual members way of playing the game. We share willingly our waste knowledge and skills of the game. We like to group up and do instances, but we also respect those of us that prefer soloing but with the option of getting good advices by the kinchat. We have no demands of players being very “skillfull” - we have room for all levels of players – as long as u are open minded to players that play lotro in a different way than you. Join a kin grp almost all evenings if u like: for an hour or two - or 30 min if thats what u have. There is no blaming here: RL is always most important but this is our free virtual spot in a messy world

    Kin status:
    After a long period with dwindling and members leaving the game or leaving the kin for another kin we now hold a good bunch of relaxed casual players. We do 6/3 player instances and sometimes a 12 player instances with 7-9 players. We are not in dire need of new members but we welcome all friendly players that like to join ToTV. Whatever we do ingame, we aim to stay polite and fun-loving, yet respectfull towards each other. We think - ourselfs - that we do ok along this style. Its realy is a nice kin we have got here!

    Give us a message here or

    Contact ingame:
    GL Quietone/Moonsmile/Raif/Bryanto
    officer Capodo/Capewak/Capeshade/Capamir/Leonym
    Or simply send a tell to any TotV kin member u come across on Evernight server in middleearth.

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    Jun 2011
    Good luck with recruitment
    Rucagorn, The White Guardian - Portugal

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    Ty Rucagorn

    ..and thx for always throwing cappy buff mildly around to random passing players. Happened to me several times and always much appreciated.

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    Jun 2011
    Hehe cheers friend, my pleasure
    Rucagorn, The White Guardian - Portugal

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    ToTV; a kinship of clever, informal. polite, educated, devoted casuals guarding the legacy of Lady Niena staying well in summertime. We welcome new players of all levels. Pls Check OP.

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    Totv, se OP desdription, is still around and doing fine. We havent changed our priorities as a casual guild; we have a nice and very friendly guild and we do get along quiete nicely.

    At this moment we are doing L45-85 instances in the evenings (around 2000 CET/2100 GMT) with a number of 6-9 players joyning (using TS). Every1 is welcome: respond here or ingame - pls refer to OP.

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    What are the benefits of joining a Kinship? Do we get extra buffs, or is it simply a place for like minded people to join up.

    I came back to the game yesterday, after several years away. I purchased all xpac, and the up coming pack, and subscribed for a few months. I will be starting a Warden and will be interested in Joining.
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    No, there isnt any combat or craft buff when a player is in a kin/guild. Vi have kin-house, with chests where members can place items usable for other kin members: armor, jewelry, class quest drops, foodstuff etc. Beside this "only" the benefit of being in a larger fellowship and play with other players u know well and share gamelore, usefull advices and gamelore

    Once i played Saga of Heroes i actualy thk we got a crafting buff when member of a guild; but we do not have that here in lotro. If any genereal player buffs come up it will be global or regional.

    U be welcome with us if u wish to join. br Epac alias Capeshade/ Capandalf/ Capodo/ Capamir/ Leonym/ Capewak - check op for other GL names

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    Thanks Epac,

    I will look you up when i get home tonight.

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    Hi all new and old players. This is a /bump for our nice casual guild (look OP).

    TotV is faring well and we are still a casual guild that holds mature and experienced players from all over Europe.

    Atm a good deal of us do BB and i was thinking that some of the lone wolfs/casuals might need some company to ease up the BB start. I mean as long as u dont have BB rank +3 engineer/officer....

    Well - come to us for company whether basic, tutorial or help us beat the harder parts

    Happy travels

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    Question: What time your members are on usually? I live in NA, but I am sometimes on at weird hours. I just started playing LOTRO, and it is essentially my first MMO, so the game as a whole is quite cumbersome right now (but getting better). Everybody says the best way to experience the game is with other people, so I am starting to seek some out

    It seems like my ideals for a gaming community line up with yours (if I would ever be in one). I also love the name of your kinship. "All those who wait in Mandos cry to her, for she brings strength to the spirit and turns sorrow to wisdom." Gives me chills.

    Thus, I may be interested in joining your kinship.

    Peace, Cazathorn

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    Hi Casa

    U be welcome with us m8.

    Atm we group up mostly - have nost loggers - in the evenings around 20.00 GMT/21.00 EU-time. After passing X-mas and New Year time and following a short HD activity-peak we are back to a level of 5-10 loggers in the evening (our member list is very long but far from all is active every day). EU-daytime is normaly lower. Atm our loggers are mostly in the range of 50-95. However, almost anything before lvl 50 is easely soloable also for newcomers - especialy if well informed/tipped by kinnies.

    And we are easy to lure into any level instance as long as we are online

    We have a kinsite: http://totv.guildlaunch.com. However it's not much used by members. In our experience the new social media pattern has (regrettably) outmatched kinsite like our present. So we just decided to setup a private/closed facebook member site in order to facilitate communication between our members while not online.

    Contact me or other officer ingame for a chat/kinvite


    (Contactpersons are the same as stated in the first posting)

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    ToTV seems a really nice kin to join.

    But is it still active? And does it still have the same level range? Same amount of people online?

    I hope your kin isn't dead yet since I actually never see anyone walking with the kin name nowadays.
    Could anyone tell me about this?

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    Helo Segollant

    Yes we are still active and we are still the kin as described in OP This said we have taken a hard "beating" post Helms Deep. Update 14 with Gondor will bring back more players. A rough estimate re. lvl range of players atm lvl 70-95+. Those levelling new toons mostly solo simply cause its rather easy. we do most instances - but for 12 raids we go pugs. Raid been ok in pug lately: most kins have taken a setback in player actvity....till now . Names are unchanged mosdt likely Capeshade/Capodo/Daisydimples/Quietone. Best time of day: evenings. u be very welcome for a chat

    Edit: I should add we use a facebook group for kin info and chat. Works fine.

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    That would be awesome! I'll try to contact someone when next I log in, which could be days or 2 weeks.
    Though I have to admit it's hard to give up being member in Legends of Middle Earth Was a great kin until leader left, which seems to happen a lot.
    Good to hear that you guys kept the kin after HD.

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    One of the oldest Kin's of Evernight: Tears of The Valar are still around

    Tears Of The Valar is a perfect kin for the mature casual player fascinated by the world of Tolkien. We are low on loggers but our members keeps popping in and out for the game. We are not elite players but we master most of the game and have a vast knowledge of all the spects of the game.

    Be welcome to contact us here og ingame for a chat and/or invite. Happy journey in our Virtual Midle Earth

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    TotV is still around we are a medium sized kin by memberlist but small by loggers atm. But we get around like we have allready done for a long time (see OP). If u like our style pls do not hessitate in contacting us.

    Contact here or ingame: Capeshade/Leonym/Capewak/Capodo or GL Quietone/Moonsmile

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    Tears of the Valar is still around. This bump to focus on and attract older players.

    We are casual players. We have members that prefer to solo most of the time on-line but still wanna be part of a kinship for a chat and gameinfo-sharing when oportune. We welcome casuals ) We also welcome new players. Most of us have a vast knowledge of the game and share it willingly. We will also come and help directly when needed but we might have to time it ahead.

    We are not without game ambitions - we just know that RL is most important. We like not to stress with the game, and we respect individual playstyle ! We are nice and friendly mostly from Europe - but we welcome ppl from alll parts of the world - also USA ofc

    TotV is under firm control of older players (50+) and an ever polite attitude is a requirement of all our members internaly and exterrnaly. Chat trolls have no chance with us !

    We enjoy the virtual world of Tolkien (see op) as always. Now sometimes u can be sole online player but when not we like to discuss all sides of real life if it comes up - and always in an urbane and tone.

    Well met - check op for player names to contact ingame.



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