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    Jewellery of the Rabbit

    Is this something new? It's not on any loot spreadsheet i've seen.

    [Peerless Earring of the Rabbit]

    77 Agility
    77 Vitality
    435 Morale
    +1 Determination

    [Peerless Bracelet of the Rabbit

    77 Agility
    77 Vitality
    60 ICPR
    218 Maximum Morale
    +1 Determination

    They are agility items, but they do not have any mastery or crit, they are low on agility compared to morale/vit, and the same could be said for ICPR. Therefore i can't see any burglars or hunters going for it, unless they want a highly survivable build for some reason or other.

    Can i put it on my tank?

    Equipping the bracelet in place of

    [Eternal Knight's Bracelet]

    75 Might
    150 Vit
    59 ICPR

    I get the following effects

    Block looses 0.4%
    Parry stays the same
    Evade gains 0.7%

    This is because Block rating is far into diminishing returns, Evade is not - and my guard already has an unusually high evade (10.1%) compared to block (19%) - most tanks have capped block and almost no evade at all.

    Overall i loose 0.75% of my unbuffed morale, but will get hit 0.6% less often.

    I suspect the warg pens bracelet will still be better overall, if i ever see one.

    What on earth is that +1 Determination all about? Do you think someone who grinds for teal jewellery is going to neglect their traits, even if they slot Determination. I'd sooner they dump both the +1 and the ICPR for a slice of avoidance rating, or incoming healing (though the Ettens burgs would rather just have Evade or Parry, and i'd settle for that too).

    The earring actually looks more promising. Compared to

    [Guthfinn's Polished Earring]

    38 Might
    150 Vitality
    184 Power
    384 Parry Rating

    I'm expecting an improvement. I'm bidding on one ATM, no buyout :-( , so wish me luck!

    EDIT - I appreciate that stacking Agility or Evade on a Guardian is not recognised as good practice, so will stick to such builds on skirms etc. BG tier 2 runs i'll put the Eternal Knight's bracelets back on because, if we do wipe horribly, my build experimentations can't be blamed for it.
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    they are loot box junk that has been around since they were added. They boost that virtue by 1.
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    Yep definately loot box teal, not sure if I agree with junk but each to their own. Think the Tank version is called peerless of "x" the Aurochs. which you can google and see if it suits you more. pretty sure its Vit and Might but don't remember the virtue. To my mind it just saves a 400+ slayer grind which is why I have a lvl 60 rabbit verison for my hunter.

    You see them on the AH quite often lvl 70 ones 5 gold+ , they seem to be a good teal for intro to PUGging so to speak but yes dont compare to end game items all that well.
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