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    Epic Quest Amarthiel [no spoilers]

    Although I've been playing for 6 months, I haven't been seriously following the epic quest line - till now. I jumped into the Angmar Quest (Volume 1) - the one with Amarthiel and Narmaleth. Because I was several levels higher, I was able to finish it a lot more quickly than a par level player, and I was really blown away!

    Turbine put a lot of thought into this story plot. This is an exciting yet beautiful and sad story, completely worthy of association with the Tolkien name.

    One of the rewards at the end of the chain is a wonderful reminder of the story and one of the characters in it, especially when you have moved on and all but forgotten it.

    If anyone hasn't done this quest, I strongly recommend you do.

    I'd love to know which employee at Turbine thought this; he should be working in Hollywood.

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    Ah the beautiful Narmaleth. And i agree with you, epic quest writing at its finest, one of my favorite stories and a total joy to play through.

    I remember my first play through, long ago, under or on level the whole story was hard as nails, i grew alongside the plot and the outcome totally floored me. As for the reward you speak off.. it takes pride of place in my private chambers in my house.


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    Aye, the Vol. I epic outshines the following parts by far. It is beautiful, immersive storywriting, one of the best questlines I've ever played in any game. Today, I usually go through it when I've outleveled it by far, just to be able to do it all in one flow without leveling, other quests, starting Moria, dying and other nuisances coming in the way.
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    Remember fondly the time you spent with this part when you dredge the depths of the epic breadcrumbs in some parts of dunland! A lot of travelling but worth it if you take time to read the reasons why.

    First time I did the 2nd half of volume 1 it was as an over levelled character. Now I make sure that I complete the book before carrying on with the next, except perhaps a detour into the volume 2 prologue.

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    Unfortunately this quest line is now stopped for me because of the "Remembrance" quest bug, Chapter XI I believe, and I can't go further.

    Thing is however, although it is a good storyline this whole epic story in Volume I has way too much travelling in it. Sometimes, I picture a guy like Aragorn, travel wary, reaching Rivendell and after two words with Elrond, he is told to go back to Garth Fortnir to speak with Laerdan again. I can imagine the look of utter disbelief on his face since he just did a similar trip.

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    Another beautiful quest story

    The Amarthiel story is certainly the finest and the reward has the same place of importance in my Bree house.

    Another good story (though not quite so good) was the Rohan one which my first toon played. I remember looking at the ruins of that village where earlier I had played that cute game with the children. Almost brought a tear to my female Hunter's eye. Of course, not a patch on Namaleth...



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