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    Game of Thrones in Middle-earth~ Bear with me

    So, I'm a huge fan of the Game of Thrones books and TV series and as a Heavy RPer on the Landroval server its always been a fancy of mine to try and get a group of fellow role-players to establish and RP through various story lines as a group of noble houses centered around the town of Bree. My method of thinking was thus...


    Governed by the people who elect the mayor and who mostly live under the influence of the town Bank and watchmen. However, the outlying estates, large farmsteads and lucrative business' have to be owned by somebody, right? Noble-houses.

    These noble houses would be noble simply because of wealth, history or influence within the region, they bare no allegiance to any one "King" but instead bear their loyalty and their investments into the town of Bree and all its amenities such as loaning and financing the bank who in turn keeps the economy in check. They also serve the defense of Bree by volunteering their second born's and various other family members to the Bree-town watch. It is common for a member of a noble house to hold public office or the position of mayor, though currently no house claims that title. Most of the farms and ranches of Bree-land are owned and financed by these noble-houses, so are facilities such as the lumber mill and the crafters guild and the auction-house.

    These houses would almost surely be of the Race of man, however what region they came from and how recently ago is much more debatable.
    As long as they had the power or the coin to make a name for themselves in the region they would be right in the middle of the game.

    Sounds lovely, ehh? thing is, trouble is brewing. There is a war about the lands, the Free-peoples call for soldiers and the houses grow weak, or strong as the case may be. Not to mention that each house is constantly trying to gain more power over the other in terms of business, influence and control over the town of Bree itself through political or martial means.

    So, sounds like a huge storyline in waiting, aye? Well, on the Landroval server in the EST timezone I'm ready to get started.

    Please contact me here and further the discussion or let me know if your interested in Roleplaying on the Landroval server in this setting.
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