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    Please tell me I'm not crazy but ...

    I can't seem to play characters other than Hunters. I *love* the Hunter class and have three (85, 68 and 15). When I roll a different class, I get tired of it really quickly (certainly < 20). Also, I'm a bit lazy to learn all the non-Hunter class stuff.

    Don't get me wrong, my Hunters are different races and have different crafts, and I regularly jump between the tow hi-bies for food, scholar stuff etc.

    Am I crazy just to stick to one class? Or do lots of people do this?

    I know I'm probably missing out on a ton of great stuff with other characters and maybe one day I will venture beyond my comfort zone.

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    One Class

    On our Morthond server there`s a guy with 9 captains...

    So I don`t think you have to wonder if you are crazy or not...

    But, in fact, it is helpful to play all classes to know how your mates can act in the raid^^

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    Yeah you are missing A LOT.Trying all different classes and learning how to play different roles are very refreshing.I play on dps classes often and I started healing with my healer and it was challenging at first but now it is very fun.Also I started tanking with my tank and that is a completely different role from all others.It was challenging at first but I got the hang of it.And because it is so different it is fun.Supporting your allies with support classes are also different and fun.I'm trying even more different things now.Like tanking with champ or dpsing with warden etc.

    Just make sure you don't get obsessed with just one class.

    I know a lot of people who are obsessed and refuse to try anything different.And by obsessed I mean these are the people who lives and dies with their obsessed class,make countless pointless topics on forums about how great their class is and disrespect people who says a bad thing about the class.I have no sympathy or respect for such people.Fortunately these people get no sympathy from anyone and usually leave the game.

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    What is it that distracts/bores you when playing other classes? Hunters have perhaps easiest learning curve but their play style does not change much. Part of the fun for me is getting new spells and abilities to play with. My favourite class is the lore master as you have so many choices and different approaches available. The class is something of a late bloomer and play style changes greatly as you level. Levelling the same class over and over sounds more like a chore but if you enjoy it by all means roll another hunter.

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    Well I see no reason to play any class other then the Warden. I have a few other classes but just do not care much for them any more. I'd say if you are having fun, what does it matter.
    Death is my favorite interrupt skill

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    Hunters are my all-time favourite too but I'm not sure if I would be able to make couple of them. Don't worry, you're not crazy
    Recently I started a tank but having only played ranged/support classes before, I tend to forget that...well, that I must tank
    It's fun to try other classes and even if you wont level them above 20, it's still a change in routine (and don't let your ranged classes obsession go too far like I did, or the change will be too drastic while trying the smasher-classes)

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    Knowing the other classes mecanics is a plus but only if you Group up or Raid.

    Knowing that you dont start a fight thesame way if you tank is a Guard or a Warden is a good thing...

    You don't have to master them all but to know the "advanced basic" <- :-) is a big plus...

    Of course if you solo 100% of the time then there's no point in knowing more than what you need to enjoy your game.


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    Not crazy in the slightest! Although I recently started a captain and enjoy it quite a bit, my other characters that I actually play are all hunters. I have started characters of a few other classes, but I did not enjoy them and relegated them to crafting or storage alts.

    Everyone has things they like and things they are good at. Hunter plays to my strengths and my interests, and it fits my RP style as well. I get variety by trying different races, different trait lines, etc. I keep up my knowledge about other classes (and this is very important if you group) by spending quality time with players who have other classes, keeping my eyes open and asking questions, and popping into their forums to check out current issues.

    It's your money and your game. Play what you like, when you like, how you like.

    Happy hunting!

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    I honestly believe that the highest skilled players in this game are those which stick to one class and perfect it, and do not get distracted by trying to learn other classes.

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    I've got lowish lvl Guardian and Burg alts but I mostly use them as prospector and forester for my main Hunter/Scholar toon.
    I love Hunter, and although still learning the class so far it's def my fav.
    I am going to try out the other classes at some point but would definitely roll another Hunter again for my main class.

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    Am i crazy? – my conclusion

    Thanks to everyone who responded, each message was interesting to read and added a new perspective to the debate.

    I see now that I am not alone, that there are many who feel like I do, that playing one class is best, though I accept it differs from player to player, and that it may offer expertise but risk ignorance of other classes (not so bad if like me you mainly play solo). It also lets us rediscover the game if we get tired of one class.

    So to all others like me, I say Hunters, hold your ground! I see in your messages the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Hunters fails, when we lose our Focus and break our bows, but it is not this day. An hour of woes and shattered Bow Chants scrolls, when the age of Hunters comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we hit Focus, Burn Hot and Heart Seeker. By all that you hold dear, I bid you STAND, ARCHERS OF EVERY SERVER!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Artyfarty View Post
    I honestly believe that the highest skilled players in this game are those which stick to one class and perfect it, and do not get distracted by trying to learn other classes.
    Depends. This is probably true for wardens due to the complexity of the class, and to an extent to squeeze the fullest utility out of "swiss army knife classes" Captain and Loremaster, but I think that my experience on 6 classes (in order of ability top to bottom, Hunter, Minstrel, Burglar, Captain, Champion, Warden) has drastically improved my understanding of group tactics... and I haven't lost much ability to pewpew.

    Most of the good wardens on Snowbourn are certainly wardens 90% of the time. I am definitely a warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrden.
    105s: Aedfrith (HN), Aldnoth (CP), Brai (RK), Hrolfdan (MN), Aeldfryd (WD), Morriarty (CH), Aednoth (LM), Mishhar (BR), Hraldan (GR), Rummbold (BG). Tinies - Rumbelina (MN), Aenghus (CP)
    Rangers of Eriador (officer), ex-Snowbourn now Laurelin - A Noob for All Seasons

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    I absolutely love my Hunters. I've got two... and likely will make more over time. I just really like the skills, and the "skulking through the land, shooting before the baddies see you" thing. Maybe I was a sniper in another life.

    I do have other classes in my "stable". I originally built different characters to be able to have one in each crafting guild, to become self-sufficient for gear and consumables (I am in a pretty small Kinship). My Hunters are an Explorer (Tailor Guild), and a Woodsman (Woodworker Guild). I have a Champion Armourer (Metalsmith), a Rune-Keeper Tinker (Cook), a Guard Historian (Weaponsmith), a Burglar Tinker (Jeweler), and a Lore-Master Historian (Scholar).

    I never took the Burglar or LM past level 15, just not getting into the mechanics. They've now reached level 20, off of crafting, but remain "parked" at their guildhall locations. My Champ Armourer was my first character, but I discovered the Hunter when he was about level 40 (now 43 from crafting) and parked him at the forges. I am really enjoying the RK, and have been playing her far more often lately, reaching 54 and Moria just this last week. The Guardian, he's okay, but has become sort of a "fall back" character for mid-level stuff when I need a 40-something to participate in something.

    My "main", Cynnabon, was started as a joke for a kin-mate, but has become my favorite. I did something in her development that my other Hunter (who is actually older, but lower level) missed. I'm not enough of a mechanics guru to know what, exactly, but Cynnabon is great. She packs a wallop and survives well.

    As time goes on, I will likely retire some of the crafting alts for Hunters, just because I like the play. Not the RK, though, as I really enjoy giving orcs a static-electricity wedgie. ;-)
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    If your enjoying yourself, go for it! i have multiple hunters, multiple guards, multiple RK's. no burgs, one fledgeling LM who is SLOWLY advancing...and really enjoying my cappie atm (just hit the 60's). you find something you like, and go with it. But here's a few good reasons to play other classes:

    1) you can empathize with the other roles in a group. DPS is, in all honesty, the easiest role to play in a group (also why it's the most popular). those who solely DPS will rarely understand the trials a tank or healer has to go trough. Understanding those other roles not only helps you understand what they need in a group, but it also helps you know how to be a better DPS player. you know more about when and how to pull aggro (if you do). you know more about tank mechanics, and get frustrated less when you pull threat from the tank (most DPS players don't realize that a guards basic taunt is on a 45 second CD as an example). Knowing other roles helps you play with them better

    2) It helps you understand the other classes plights. the most extreme whining usually comes from people who have no clue how the other classes play. it's easy to think that the other classes have it "good" when you have no clue how they play, or what challenges they face. playing the other classes not only helps you understand what the deal with, but helps you put your own class issues in balance. if everyone struggles with their DPS production, you don't feel as bad when you struggle with your own.

    3) helps you play your class better. Other classes mechanics teach you more about the game. I became a much better DPS player after I started tanking, because it forces you to be more situationally aware of whats happening in a fight. I started paying more attention to my healers, helping them out with threat, watching add pulls or peels more acutely, etc.

    now...something else to consider as well. the only other class that is as smooth and easy to play as the hunter at low levels is the champ. most other classes have either a higher learning curve (some much higher) or are simply slower to grow into their skills. my guard didn't start feeling like she could kill decently until she got force opening at 30 (40 was where she really started to kick butt). my captain? he just started feeling fast and smooth at 60 !! i almost fell asleep in my 40's trying to level him (thats actually an acute issue with the cappie class atm...they are one of the few classes that could use a serious boost early on).

    But the fact that you have a hard time with other classes pre-20 isn't surprising...most of them haven't even built a head of steam yet. up to 20, hunters are honestly OP. you kill stuff before it's even halfway to you...you have a run speed bonus....hunters are a joy to play pre-20. this may sound weird, but by the time my guard hit 40 (probably 43 really...had to finish up a few traits), she was killing mobs as fast or faster then my hunter. Just took 40 levels and some long traits to get there

    So enjoy what you enjoy! just remember that there are other benefits to playing other classes that actually extend to your hunters play as well...and remember that if you want to try another class, you may have to put more time into them. id say at least 25-30 for RK's, 40 for guards, 60 for cappies (hehe...sucks but its the trutz), 30 for LM's, and champs....well our favorite chumps really are a melee version of the hunter, without the run speed boost (but the AoE damage can make you giggle with delight)Burgs I dunno, don't play em. great class, just can't get into them.

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    I'm finding it's not so much the class but how it plays. In otherwords I like ranged classes alot but have a problem playing melee. Probably because I have no patience and when your killing mobs with a ranged class you can pretty much stand still and fire away.
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    Are you crazy? Possibly, but then, many of us are.

    I don't think having 3 hunters is anywhere near as mad as a friend of mine who has 6 minstrels.
    "Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey." - Dalai Lama


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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldfur View Post
    This day we hit Focus, Burn Hot and Heart Seeker. By all that you hold dear, I bid you STAND, ARCHERS OF EVERY SERVER! xD
    Or if possible: Hunters Art, Burn Hot, Set Snare, Hunters art again (for2X), Focus (For the Improved Focus buff that last just enough time to apply to >>--> <3) , Heart Seeker, Barbed Arrow to start bleeds, snare=more bleeds, etc.

    I love the Hunter too! I believe it is because I like to assist others in battle and melt faces. Its a good feeling when you land a crit heartseeker AND a tank is doing its job or when you saved a minis &&&& that is working hard to save the rest of a group.

    I've rolled a few other classes and had the same feelings about the class as u. Until, I rolled a mini. Very pleasant to play, hard to kill, and does decent DMG @ boot! Plus, I never get bored of the sound of a flute. Try one if u havent. The RK was quite confusing at first unlike the mini which I believe helped me understand the RK a little better (Not saying they're exactly similar, but the RK felt like a more complex mini).

    Regardless, you should know the hunter quite well already and I suggest you continue to experiment with other classes until you find another that compliments your style of play. The important thing when playing any new class is to read and understand skills. Good Luck on ME

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    I was having a bit of a problem with my underpowered Hunter a while back untill a few helpfull people on here helped me sort my skills and stats out. Now I'm loving my Hunter again, and since starting Mounted Combat recently I'm in my element. I realy couldn't imagine melee from horseback, but running rings round my enemies and taking them out with my bow is sheer joy.

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    I love my hunter its my favorite class. I only have 1 tho, But i do have 1 of each class just so i can be more familiar with other players during raids. My hunter has me spoiled. The DPS, the out of combat speedy feet, The ports to everywhere. I go to play my other toons and it get bored with them to quick. Ranged classes i can play a while, like rk, mini and lm. Burg took me forever to get to 85. champ, warden and guardian tho just get to me quick, i can usually only handle playing those for about 45 min then i swap toons and look for something else to do.

    But dont let that stop ya. Play what you want. If playing 1 hunter or 50 hunters is enjoyable then do that..

    just have fun with what every class you play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Artyfarty View Post
    I honestly believe that the highest skilled players in this game are those which stick to one class and perfect it, and do not get distracted by trying to learn other classes.
    I very much disagree.
    By being one-sided you lose a lot in group situations. When you play other classes you can get insight better than when you talk to players who play that other class, and therefore improve your own favorite class. I know exactly what to ask and when from minstrel in my group to make my champion perform better, in example.

    It is not like your learning abilities are limited. Well, for most of us



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