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    Cool mirkwood? doesnt look scary.

    I got zek to level 58 finally. Yay. i did the book 9 forward quest, which was to go to mirkwood. I got to there and it didnt lookewhat i thought it would look like. Im close to level 59, so i still need kindred with iron garrison guards to buy a book you get the trait: master of war. So yeah. Someone can help if they want, ok. Ill be online the community all week.

    P.s. let me know if there are new lotteries. Thank you

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    The base camp on the banks of the river isn't a good representative of everything Mirkwood is. Wait until you start doing the quest chains at The Haunted Inn and see if your opinion changes. I like the atmosphere in Mirkwood. I thought Turbine did a pretty good job with it.

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    Wink The Haunted Inn?

    Ooh, Cant wait for that to come. I admit Turbine did a good job. Turbine is awesome in making middle earth.

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    Yep I love Mirkwood. Just managed to reach Kin standing with the Mirk-Elves this evening. There's some great quests and instances as you get further in. The Scuttledells is a bit of a maze though.

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    Cool level 66

    Got to the haunted inn and also beated volume 2 in mirkwood. YAY! On to volume 3!



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