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    Best 40-50 content?

    My level 39 guardian just finishing up Evendim and the Vol 1, Book 4 epic quests that take place in Trollshaws/Rivendell and I'm looking forward to the available areas for 40-50 quests. (I have the Moria expansion and will be doing that 50+) Wow, there are a bunch of options! Forochel, Misty Mountains, Angmar, Eregion...is there a consensus on which region has the most entertaining quests for a mostly-solo player? I'm VIP, BTW so I believe I have access to all those areas already.

    It was comments here that led me to do Evendim for 30-40 rather than the Trollshaws, and I enjoyed it tremendously, so I'm looking for more good advice. As I mentioned, I solo whenever possible, so I'd prefer content that doesn't have a lot of fellowship-only quests required to advance arcs. (As much as I loved Evendim, it's kind of a bummer that the final mission of The Blade that was Broken doesn't look particularly solo-friendly.)

    Thanks in advance!

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    I solo'd my way through Eregion and enjoyed it tremendously. I have done a lot in Forochel, mining for book pages, the same with Angmar and Misty Mts. All three are pretty depressing though the Misty Mts. not so much. I have yet to finish any of those three but have done all quests and Deeds in Eregion.
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    When I have a toon at/within this level range, I tend to go to the earth-kin camp Lehma-Koti in the Ram Duath, then onto Aughaire. The vast majority of the quests here are solo, with a couple of fellowship quests given by the earth-kin which can be missed out if you wish.

    Then I head to the Misty Mountains and do as many Gloin's camp quests whilst gathering legendary book pages.

    At around level 45, I go to Forochel (Gloin gives you a quest to go there if I recall correctly) which will last you until near enough level 50. Again, pretty much all of the quests here are solo. After that, you can head to Eregion and onwards to Moria.

    All in all, I tend to follow the epic storyline, and use it as a guide on which area to go to next.
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    Personally i think Angmar is still one of the best regions in the game. Tough on level stuff though, not completely solo friendly. I liked forochel, its a nice 40-50 content region. Personally I would level there until you can begin the moria LI epics then move to eregion and stay there until moria. Forochel and Eregion are going to give you plenty of solo quests.

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    I'm not VIP so i've bought Misty mtns. Played through it and there is a lot of fellowship quests. The Goblin-town has a lot of fellowship quests and there is a few more spread over the area. So I think it isn't solo-friendly.

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    I split between Angmar and Misties until I have all my legendary pages, then grab my LI at 45 and down into Eregion

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    Thanks for the info, everyone!

    If the epic quests bounce around between regions, I'd be happy to follow that through and fill it with local solo quests as needed--it doesn't look like I'll be hurting for content! The level 30-40 epic quests don't take you to Evendim at all IIRC, so I would have missed that entirely if I'd followed them exclusively. From your replies it sounds like Eregion is a 'must see' as well, so I'll be sure to try that out at 45.

    By the way, I think someone mentioned that Mirkwood is no longer available as an expansion. If that's correct, it is included in the VIP content or bundled in with something else?

    Thanks again!



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