The Company of the Rising Dawn is a medium RP kinship on Laurelin. We are searching for quality individuals, anxious to work as a cooperative group to further peace and fight the evil that threatens all corners of our world. Based on a quote of Lord Aragorn's, "Yet dawn is ever the hope of men", we believe the is much good and hope in all peoples and are looking for those who embrace these tenets, to aid Lord Aragorn and to join us in this crusade. Our members embrace these noble ideals, aiming to uplift the people of Eriador in both action and word. Our actions echo Lord Aragorn's and it is our duty to follow the fellowship to Rohan and beyond, instilling his bright hope for man, elves, dwarves and hobbits as we journey across the land.

We have grown slowly over the months, as we seek only fine people of character and during the later part of last year finally purchased a lovely kinhouse and most of us also live in it's neighborhood. Many of us are working diligently to finish preparing for our Expedition to Moria, an RP quest to and through Moria, which we will start the second week of February. We also are still looking for accomplished musicians for our performance band and several of us often play in or around Bree.

We are a mature, friendly, helpful kin, made up of members, who are interested in RP, as well as some camaraderie while out questing, grinding, instancing, playing music and crafting. We are US based and so hope to offer a haven for those players who either play at non standard European times, or those from the US or pan-pacific areas. We also have a small group of EUR based players, who are either night owls or early birds, who the US play times suit better. As we grow we hope to offer events during US peak times, to help increase the access to events available for players. We have recently added a morning/afternoon RP session for those players as well. Many of our kin also contain former kin officers in kins across servers, and other worlds, lending our wisdom and experiences to others.

You can check out our kinsite at for details. Or visit the kins page or my own on Laurelin Achives.