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Thread: Quick question

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    Quick question

    Is it worth completing every quest i pick up or should i drop them and move areas when im high enough level?

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    It doesn't give you any xp to complete the quests but I enjoy doing them. I think there are some interesting weapons and armor items available and it breaks up the monotony of grinding deeds or skirms. To each there own but part or the Lord of the Rings that is special is the story. The fact this game has created so many various subplots that run concurrent is what makes me enjoy playing so much.

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    Do enough quests in each zone to complete all the quest-related deeds. Your virtues will thank you later.

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    It's really based on preference. For myself I really like to finish the entire area before moving on. I don't like the idea of missing any good items or rewards. Also like the above poster said, I really enjoy the story and the immersion within the game. Because of this i'm always above level which can be a good benefit when questing later on.

    There are WAY more than enough quests to get you to the minimum lvl requirement to go to the next area. All the zones cross over lvl wise as well. Plus, you have a couple of different ways to go. You always have a choice where you want to quest, how long you want to stay and how you want to do it which is both awesome and in my opinion, a very important thing to give players in an MMO. It's great for replay value when it comes to alts.

    Don't ever feel like you HAVE to take every quest, and don't ever feel like you have to DO every quest. You can always check the lorebook to see if quest arcs will yield any useful rewards or to just see how long the arc will be and if you want to spend time doing it or not. Try to have fun first and foremost, and once you start another char you can do all those things you feel like you missed. If neither, do everything with your main for a complete full experience. regardless of your lvl. :-)

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    maybe another aspect worth considering: do you want to get kindred with the different factions?

    different professions can craft reputation items for different factions (i.e.: scholars for rivendell, jewellers for thorin's hall, tailors for rangers of esteldin, cooks for the mathom society - not sure about metalworkers/weaponsmiths but I would think that their craft comes in handy someplace, too - and all crafts can get rep with the eglain)

    so my point being: if you want to become kindred with a certain faction, you could still do it via crafting and thus skip some quests (whether getting xp for the crafting effort is a good thing or not I should leave to you )


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    It's my opinion that the first time you play the game, you should do all the quests in the areas in which you are playing and get your money's worth. After all, you will pay for several expansions, quest packs, and a monthly fee (if you are VIP). Just don't sweat group quests, as you can't always find people willing to do them. If you create another character, you will know what you liked and what you hated.



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