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Thread: My input

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    My input

    I realize the QQ that would explode if turbine simply removed the mords brand, which I dont think they should, but a simple quick fix would be to make them out of combat only. Keep the cooldown as well, but this still gives the rank 15 brand something more desirable as it can still be used in combat. Really a brand that anyone can get with 5 min cd makes for less than desirable pvp as CC is becoming even less useful on my server at least...with the massive HH faming sessions they arent as RARE as people say they are.


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    I agree.

    Though I would love to see how the arguments would change once freeps got one it still doesn't make the moors a better place. It is game breaking for CC classes, making spiders and ba's broken just to balance it out is not the right step. We have to fix it in a way that returns viability to all classes.

    Because branding is still class breaking it needs to remain rare. I would say make it OOC, on 15m-20m cooldown shared with the rank brand, and available freep side at some point.
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    I agree, and perhaps reduce the duration by 50-75-90% too?

    /signed either way



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