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Thread: Noob Dinosaur

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    Noob Dinosaur

    Grats on r9 you tard Nupraptor. Now get r10 so you can creep again
    I am the terror that flaps in the night.

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    Oct 2010
    grats squishy noob
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    gratz shag

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    Oct 2010
    If I wasn't really really bored, I wouldn't have checked this thread. Didn't think it was a grats thread...
    +1 to pigeon for originality, lmao.

    Grats Nup on Rank 9. Now stop chasing skmuzy's butt, and kill other creeps, too. *sigh*
    Farrielle R13 Captain (BW), Archaniel R8 Hunter (CH), Farrial R8 Minstrel (CH)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Farriel View Post
    Now stop chasing skmuzy's butt, and kill other creeps, too. *sigh*

    oh good so I'm not imagining this :P
    Grats to you Shag! Good luck getting to 10


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    gratz shag you and me will jump around while targeting each other to celebrate. Afterwards i will laugh when i read "Noobraptor has defeated skmuzy" Maybe by the time you guys get to rank 10 and have switched back to creeps i will finally have lvl 85 freep.



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