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    Loot Tables Messed Up?

    Is the loot tables broken for gold items right now? I had an Erebor instance drop the boots, which I was under the impression that it should come from DG instances. Can anyone confirm this?

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    Known bug, will be addressed in next update.

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    Just be happy you got a gold piece to drop honestly, a lot of us are stuck farming hundreds of T2CM instances and still walk away with nothing but bounties. As far as bugs go this one is no big deal in my opinion.

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    Yeah: the new loot system is a bit of a &&&&.
    It's not possible that someone wins maybe 2 teal items, plus eventually a legendary one, in a row while other players are stuck into farming the same instance for dozens of time with only bounty or T4 relics rewards......
    The old Master Looter system was far more equilibrate.

    Pls Turbine correct this problem, eventually introducing a sort of counter for each character that reduces the drop chance every time you win a teal item.
    Plus the challenge chest shoul grant at least a teal item (and that doesn't mean a T4 or T5 relic).
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