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    Thumbs up Instances and loot info requested

    I am still somewhat new to this game, so could use some information. What 3 man instances are available and what is the minimum level possible for success? also the same question for 6 man. I would like to do some runs for good loot, but I have no idea about this area of the game. Any suggestions appreciated

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    ctlr + J and see what you can do. then copy the name of the instance to kinchat/lff or glff channel and wait for peeps to answer you.
    success comes eventually and so does the good loot.

    but seriously - there are a lot of 3 and 6mans so start of with what level are you? what are you looking for in a instance? what regions do you have unlocked? and so on.

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    Here's a rundown of Instances before level 50 - after that it's one cluster following another and you should already know what's available:

    • Inn of the Forsaken - Level 20-85, requires VIP subscription or separate purchase
    • Iorbar's Peak, Seat of the Great Goblin, Webs of the Scuttledels - Level 20-85, requires Rohan expansion or Rohan Instance cluster purchase
    • Garth Agarwen: Barrows and Arboretum - Level 32, Free for all
    • Halls of Night - Level 40-85, requires VIP subscription or separate purchase
    • School and Library at Tham Mirdain - Level 50-85, requires VIP subscription or Eregion quest pack

    • Great Barrow: Maze, Thadur, Sambrog - Level 20-85, Free for all
    • Fornost: Wraith of Water, Earth, Fire, Shadow - Level 30-85, requires VIP subscription or North Downs quest pack
    • Garth Agarwen: Fortress - Level 32, Free for all
    • Annuminas: Haudh Valandil, Ost Elendil, Glinchant - Level 40-85, requires VIP subscription or Evendim quest pack
    • Carn Dum, Urugarth, Barad Gularan - Level 50, requires VIP subscription or Angmar quest pack

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    All the scaled instances that Malachi mentioned tend to have great loot at lower levels. Level 66+ but especially 75+, the loot is overshadowed by crafted stuff and purple quest rewards.

    Part of the reason is that the rewards for the scaled instances were implemented with RoI's itemization scheme. The item stats are more focused and not so all-over-the-place like Shadows of Angmar era itemization. So right now, stuff you get at like level 25 from Great Barrow or Inn of Forsaken tends to be pretty bad-&&& for that level.

    'Course you outgrow it super quickly. I wouldn't worry too much on acquiring things. Not to mention it's not always easy to get a group of on-level folks for low-level content.


    ^ This here was made in the RoI era, and it has a lot of loot. A bunch of it's outdated. Some of it is just skirmish camp stuff that apparently used to drop in the instances (idk, before my time.) What's relevant to you is the lvl 75 stuff listed under like Barrow Downs (for the great barrows instances, dont bother with the Great Barrows listing on this site), Inn of Forsaken, Halls of Night, Glinghant (Annuminas), Haudh Valandil (Annuminas), School & Library of Tham Mirdain. I don't see it listing Ost Elendil (Annuminas) and Fornost scaled loot. So all the stuff listed as level 75 in these instances scales with level. Like for instance the pocket item Mariner's Hard Cheese from Inn of Forsaken, if you get the item when the instance is set to 25, it'll be item level 28 and have 17 will, 17 fate, 26 morale, and 112 crit rating. Ain't so bad for that level.
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    Red face

    I really appreciate the information. Well I normally play with two other players regularly, HNT, GRD and myself BRG. We are around 52-53 in level, should we even bother with obtaining loot from instances yet? Or should we wait until 75+? We currently have most content up to Eregion and Moria, Isengard, Lothlorien, Mirkwood. We don't have RoR yet, but considering the Instance Cluster.

    any further info appreciated. Basically looking to see if bothering doing instances is 1) even possible at our level and 2) worthwhile for gear.


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    50ish? Perfect. I recommend running School and Library. The loot's better than what Lumpy the Dorf might give you for a quest in Moria. Mostly I say run it 'cause it's fun, and you'll get some good group experience in this game. Quests don't really count for that kinda experience. (Sch/Lib @50 is how I learned the basics of tanking on my warden way back in Mirkwood era before they screwed low-level warden threat.)

    If you want more challenge than Sch/Lib, run HoN in Angmar. For a gimmicky dungeon try some IoF.

    I guess you now got the three Erebor 3-mans now. I didn't have that while leveling. They're fun, probably more suitable to run @T1 at your level. You aren't promised some gear drops there like the other scaled content, but the payoff is potentially (rarely) sweeter. Teal and possibly even gold loot at your level.

    EDIT: I just read your class make-up. Yeah you gonna need a healer for all but School, Iobars Peak, and maybe Library and Inn of Forsaken.
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    Thumbs up

    That is some pretty helpful information thank you. You suggested Library, I was thinking about that one too just wasn't sure. I was thinking as Burg I could kite (I think I saw that was a tactic in one guide) while I let our GRD and HNT do the killing. Thanks for the information again everyone.

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    That combination of burg/guard/hunter was one of my favourite groups for running school and library back at lower levels. The guard can pick up all of the mobs while the hunter and burg blow them up. and if you ever need some heals for the tank, the burg can just pop an FM, go all green, and continue on with your merciless slaughter of enemies
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