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    Serious Lag troubles

    Well I have a Phenom IIx6, 8GB RAM, Radeon HD 5770. I had been playing Lotro on High Graphics during 2 years, and 30 fps on Raids It was so cool, but since Rohan update raids are weird laggy fps dropped down to 8fps, and to try to play on raids I should setup my graphics to very low to get 10 or 15 fps. It's there a patch for ATI or a plug to solve this?, I re-installed the game and my W7 but the problem continues.
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    go to combat settings and check the setting about show dispellable buffs/debuffs only(I think that is where it is and what its called). It will remove all buff icons but ones you can remove from the other members of your raid. This pretty much changed everything for me. That and insure you have the latest versions of any plugins you use especially buffbars and palantir. I still set graphics to low for raids but I can keep at least 15-20 now with high on.
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