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Thread: Farming

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    Just wanted to get on and talk about loot boxes for people new to lotro and or creep side, loot boxes, keys, sigils, and other verious items are all drop randomly by npcs in the moors they are very useful, rare, and valuable. If you have not come across any yet I would suggest farming the npcs, espesially the trees by lc, on my rnk5 ba I was farming in a group of 3 to 4 and in the first three minutes I found two loot boxes and seven minutes after that I found a third now I heard a few creeps call it loot box week end but I'm not completely sure if it is an actual thing or if it was just a joke if you have any information plz leave a comment

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    Was farming for like an hour and nada.

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    In the past two days I've found 5 or 6 lootboxes all but 1 contained a sigil and the one that didn't, did however contain a brand of mordith so I would very strongly recomend farming dureing loot box weekend

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    I brought a bowl of popcorn to read this thread but was very disappointed.
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