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    Wisdom Recruiting

    Wisdom is a Raiding Kinship looking for unselfish members to help conquer all content Lotro has to offer. We are a friendly Kinship that believe in quality over Quanity. We would rather have a tight knit group of members then just mass numbers. We are a kinship that does not believe in selling to kinmates because when one member grows we grow as a Kin. Our goal is progression through all content that LOTRO will put out without a cutthroat all for yourself attitude. Our members range from some who have been here since beta and were in on server first kills on Thorog and the Rift to some of the servers highest ranked Freeps PvP wise and your everyday casual players who just go about doing anything from logging in to just say whats up and play some music or hit up some group content. If you are a player looking for a Kinship that plans on pushing the content Lotro has and puts out as well as just having fun then Wisdom may be right for you. being social is key and having thick skin. We like to joke around and have fun and you have to be able to take it and dish it out. If you are interested in possibly joining one of Nimrodel's best Kinships then contact myself in game or one of the other Wisdom Officers.

    Wisdom recruits the person not the toon. We are Currently Recruiting:

    Captains : High Priority
    Champion: Medium
    Tank: Low
    Lore-Master: medium
    RK: High
    Minstrel: Low
    Burg: Very low
    Hunter: Medium

    Looking to round out raid groups with people who know how to pay attention and willing to learn and grow as a kin. All of the T2's currently cleared.

    Taranis-1 = Myself
    Stuns - Myself
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