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Thread: PvMP 1vs1

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    So you're all saying I should corpse-jump Taldag? Maybe get her going so she takes it out on the creeps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fendrone View Post
    So you're all saying I should corpse-jump Taldag? Maybe get her going so she takes it out on the creeps?
    And Merrsa too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witch0King View Post
    I ganked Vinner when I was a really big noob to PvMP. I will never forget that lol
    In my defence he was the one who dealt the most killing blows, I merely stood there and took them. Was fun though, having an angry chode after me.
    I wasnt an angry chode, but a vengeful one . I never really got angry in this game or any game really, not one to ragequit, just make others do so. I leave that for others to rage such as Grishlukrat raging at me in voice chat it was hilarious cuz I was chirping him so hard. Only times I ever really got remotely angry is if I had lag in a 1v1 and it caused me to lose in a close fight with someone I wanted to beat really bad, but that was really more annoyance than anger heh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mucica View Post
    There should be like a bigger rez circle at former Plains OP with two elite archers, that would oneshoot the third person to enter. Or second creep/freep. Arena. Finally.
    I've been wanting that for years, but for some reason Turbine thinks it would "break lore". Ummm, Shelob vs Sam, Gandalf vs. Witchking, etc.? Is it that hard to ask for something that involves actual pvp, which I even said wouldnt have any renown/inf/commendations gains on wins, but just for, idk, fun? Last I checked tho, Runekeepers aren't very lore-based, yet Turbine implemented them cuz they knew they'd gain a ton of money off something that OP.

    Also, y is Taldag being a hypocrite when she used to 1v1 all the time, and even asked if ppl they wanted to 1v1? I guess she got the Valistar disease, aka "I 1v1ed at first, but realized how much I sucked, so if I cant 1v1 and win, no one can". Just my theory tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Witch0King View Post
    Im just glad there are still people like Glee & Grogog to put them in their place.
    The last time Glee put someone in their place we were all still using horse-and-buggies as our primary mode of transportation.

    And that "someone" was named Valistar, probably.
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    also, I can't look at Ootyfast's description here without laughing really hard:

    my favorite part of Ootyfast was the name I invented for his raids: "Ootyfests"
    Making [c][f]reeps rage log since 2008.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmericanSinner View Post
    Nirrti is mispelled!

    Talking with Fruito so many times, when she use to play, she told me one night that the toon use to be called "Frodo" until they filtered out character names. So she had to change it and made it "Fruito". Just a lil pointless trivia.
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