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    - What was the thinking behind the loot tables in this update? Why is it that from every T2C I have completed I have just won a bounty (couple of occasions a t4 relic also) but yet on t1 I won blue loot? Everyone now farms t1 because it is quicker and easier to get the loot. Why is there no reward to players running the tier 2 challenges? I think for challenge there should be an assured rare item for at least one member of the group.

    - Some of the landscape changes to the Ettens were a nice idea and would create more opportunities for great fights all over the map ... except the fact that due to the change in mechanics (namely outposts buffs and keep/DOF renown buffs) means that (at least for our server) our action is either gy/gv farming, people pveing for keeps/outposts or creeps farming loot boxes en masse without any freeps to stop them. The outposts give too much imbalance and instead of creating small group play have just encouraged large groups to go nuke all of them and a game of taking outposts, running away to get another and the other side flipping it back. Would you consider taking this mechanism away again? It does more harm than good. The only way to have a fair fight is 2 red 2 blue and in the event one side is outnumbered and could do with more outposts they have no way to get them as the dominating side kills anybody who tries or just takes back. Really quite pointless.

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    Rohan Crashes

    As someone who SPENT money on this game - to PLAY this game - I would like YOU to read this thread and DO something about it.


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    Q: Please describe your Quality-management, do you have any plans to improve use of the feedback from bullroarer instead of using beta-images with all the errors nearly 1:1 ?

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    Unhappy Ever be?

    1) Is there a working for revamping/updating the player's character outlooks? And/or same for the combat animations? Most of them so out-dated and repeating theyselves.

    2) Are we going to see new 6-12, even maybe 24 person instances again? Not just those short and boring 3-persons, but like the old Moria days, more than one "6 person" instances? Real adventures, like the extremely-old-days?

    3) Revisions for the Epic book cutscenes? Most of them are looking so cheap, so old and cheasy. With new content and reworked books, these videos gives the new player a wrong decisions. Different voice-overs, different modellings (tower of orthanc,etc)?

    4) Ablolutly no hope but are ever going to heard new voice over in epic book quests, not just floating texts! Specially the old epics deserves thats!

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    Housing update and revamp

    Everyone asks about the housing and is there goint to be a revamp even if it is not what we would like to hear please tell us if it is possible or even if it will be looked at.

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    One more I completely forgot, and I am sure many players would like:

    • Will there ever be an auto-combine all option for relic melding, rune use and reputation item use?
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    Lightbulb Important Q's for LOTRO's long-term survival

    1. Will we see Galuhad's Kinship Proposal implemented of at least used as a template?

    2. Will we see revamps of old broken down content that ranges from stat changes breaking instances (Dargnakh & Dungeons), old regions that need revamping to lvling curves and new player tutorials and reorganisation of the 40-50 quest regions, some as old as 2007, ( i.e. Angmar, Forochel and Misty Mountains)?

    3. Reorganisation of Customer Service vs Ingame Support and Guides both player and official, where most of these guides/help/info have been scattered among broken links, forums and the official website.

    4. Will we see some form of Advertisement to help put LOTRO out in the market for newcomers and help expand Turbine's business and profits? Signs from both the community and the market show that Turbine is losing its foothold in the market of MMO's. It's time to "capitalise" on the Hobbit hype and help bring new players in (and keep them) as well as market the LOTRO Store and Steam with deals and offers.

    Thankyou for taking the time read this (if you do so) ....

    May future Q&A's help bring the community back in touch with the devs.

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    1) Any information at stuff coming down the pipeline for the captain?

    2) Are we getting another zone before Western Rohan?

    3) What can we expect to do at Helm's Deep?

    4) Is anything going to be done to encourage players to complete instances as the designers intended?

    5) Given how easy it is for creeps to get up to 6 audacity (about 1-1.5kish Comms), would it be possible to allow the freeps to use silver to buy lower quality, vanilla armor with partial audacity (like .5 or .75)? (The creeps can grind out maps and get enough commendations that way to have enough skills/traits to be somewhat competitive and/or spend money to buy most everything they need from the Store while putting the comms towards audacity and consumables).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Almagnus1 View Post
    2) Are we getting another zone before Western Rohan?
    There will be another zone north of the Eastemnet and south of the Great River (As seen from the bridge in construction south of the Limlight Gorge) which will follow similarly to previous zones such as Enedwaith and Great River. There is always a smaller zone to fill the gap between expansions. As to when it is due, I am guessing Update 11 sometime in the middle of the year or late April.
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    Smile Revisiting our good old instances for endgamers (85) ?

    Hello, my first post here^^
    (sorry for mistakes, i'm a french player)

    - Question: Will you make all those exellent Moria instances updated to be a challenge again for endgamers?

    I ask that because we talk about this idea very often in my kinship, and it's something we would be very pleased with^^!
    Like "The Watcher" in T1/T2 for 85 level players etc etc...(Fil gashan, sombremine...).

    - Question: Can I expect in a near future a remodeling of hairstyles and a bit more of different faces?

    With time, i've come to overcome the to simple models of avatar ( specialy with the fantastic possiblities that the dressing offers), but...while questing in Rohan, I saw all these beautifull simple, long haired hairstyles on mobs, and make up on the dun people too etc...and I sighted loud enough to deceide to ask you about it, here^^.

    Anyway, thanks for everything, keep on doing: you are the best!
    Sonia (alias Minuyt, Sirannon, France)

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    Is the problem with /follow going to be fixed so that you don't run off in a random direction when your follow target zones/disappears?

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    Red face

    ok since i won't be able to be there i'll guess i will post my questions here

    1. Is there a possible chance there will be a housing system rewamp in the future? how soon if so
    2. The calendar is pretty empty right now so my next question will be when will we get a hint on what kind of ingame events/festivals is planned this year
    3. Will there be a fair chance there will be more wardrobe space in the future ? 140 slots is not much

    Thank you that's all for now
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    1) Any plans for new classes?

    [center] [b] [thread=347266]We Need a New Race![/thread][/b] [/center]

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    I. Will burglars be able to get even more overpowered equip like they already have? (moor-set with basically adds 20%
    devestating chance + the new golden shoes that add extra 5% damage to this class)

    II. is there a date when bullroarer will go live with erebor?

    III. Will the endgame in future expansions again have no new raid-content at launch and
    continue to consist of scaling old content and doing solo-quests, or has the quitting of many raid-gamers in favour of other
    MMOs alarmed you to change this way of designing an proper endgame?
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    my question:

    heyo folks at turbine

    first of all, i have came back to the game after a long time. Because of PvMP but for some reason lotro keeps bringing you back. Its like we never forget about the mmo and all the memories we have had in it. With Isengard and Rohan following fast after eachother iwas wondering the following: Will you be keeping the lvl cap at 85? but make future expansion based on that cap? or we will get more time to spend on a expansion then what we had with isengard ? as i felt rohan came to quikly as a lvl cap, even i don't mind the expansion i would have just bought it without lvl cap increase.

    me ^^

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    When this is this is done will we be getting a transcript of this posted here?

    Because i don't and won't ever use twitter, just the same as i won't ever use facebook and any other social media apart from official forums for games i play.

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    Rabid Questions/Suggestions

    1. Many of the Tier 2 3-mans no longer allow for dynamic group make-ups due to the massive damage certain mobs or bosses inflict (T2 Halls of Night serves as a perfect example). Is necessitating a tank and healer for every T2 3-man instance the plan from here forward?

    2. Will you re-design the stable master to display a map of middle-earth and allow a player to choose their actual desired destination and base the cost on distance, rather than forcing them to hop from area-to-area?

    3. Would you consider creating a relic-slot for armor pieces that would allow players to create their own set-bonuses? Something along the lines of deconstructing certain armor pieces to extract their set-bonus and re-apply them to the current armor?

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    1. When will players be able to have new hairstyle options? It is disheartening for heroes to look shabbier than townsfolk in a back-water like Bree.

    2. Please re-vamp the housing system; at least let those of us who are willing to pay upkeep have more than one house!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zalladi View Post
    Q: Will Galuhad's Kinship proposal ever be considered?
    Please, please, please???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edrogar View Post
    When this is this is done will we be getting a transcript of this posted here?

    Because i don't and won't ever use twitter, just the same as i won't ever use facebook and any other social media apart from official forums for games i play.
    It's pretty much assured that someone will compile the whole thing into a thread once it's done.

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    Ahh sounds good, I won't be able to ask a question in that chat at that time. Still housing, any update on the housing system would be nice or a comment of you're going to look into it.

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    Can you comment on fight clubbing in the moors including possibly resetting peoples ranks who have offended?
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    MC COMBAT lag, rubberbanding, slingshotting.
    seems many EU players are still experiening these issues, even with top end machines and fiber connections and they dont experience these issues in other area of the game.
    Are the devs / network people looking into this? If so have they acnowledged it as a problem? Are there any solutions in the works?
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    I don't think I'll be able to participate in the live chat, but here are a few questions I've been wondering about.

    Associate Designer (MTX) Mara "Aubergine" Patton

    Which existing game system are you working on monetizing next through microtransactions in the LOTRO Store?

    Designer (World) Travis "TheAngryKoala" Healy

    Which is more fun: designing spaces completely from your own imagination, or building from Tolkien's descriptions?

    Associate designer (Systems) Jon "'Space' Rockx" Steady

    Most gear mixes both primary and secondary stats. This makes comparing gear difficult. Why not have only secondary stats?

    Senior Designer (Content) Jesse Smith

    Is there pressure to create content that encourages spending more TPs? Or is there a wall between content design and marketing?

    Community Manager Rick "Sapience" Heaton

    How often do you meet with department managers to bring them concerns from the community? Do the managers provide frank responses?
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    Just one question.

    What is being done about the lag (especially Bel is suffering quite badly atm)?
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