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    Q: Are there plans in the future to publish patch notes for updates again in German and French? (because Update 9 patchnotes are still only in english)

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    i want too know when minstrel will go back fore best healer class. not like you did rk best dps and healer and mini is the worst one now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zalladi View Post
    Q: Will Galuhad's Kinship proposal ever be considered?
    This.....for the love of god, THIS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zalladi View Post
    Q: Will Galuhad's Kinship proposal ever be considered?
    I realized I was too late to find this topic but... this! Please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zalladi View Post
    Q: Will Galuhad's Kinship proposal ever be considered?
    It could be considered, but also be left at just that.. so I guess the question I would like to know the answer to is:

    What are Turbine's plans to develop and enhance the kinship system?
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    1. What are you going to do about the classes which have been neglected for over a year and are still ignored?
    2. When will a dev post in the Hunter forums (it has been over a year and has caused a lack of faith in the devs)?
    3. When will hunters get good changes/fixes?
    4. What is the next expansion?
    5. Do you like pie? and if so what type?
    6. Are there any game mechanics that are going to be new and dynamic?
    7. Why do you love working on LOTRO?
    8. On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your communication with the community?
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    Smile Minstrels

    When are one-handed axes going to be made for Minstrel legendary weapons? Are you prejudice against Dwarfs?

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    1. can we finally have inductionless PO for hunters?
    2. Well moors be updated anytime soon?
    3. Well Western Rohan be just another expansion?
    4. Well there be a new quest pack this spring?
    5. Well you guys go back to giving out some news threw your youtube channels?
    6. Well the next festival have the same grinding system (deed) like the yule fest?
    7. Well Turbine ever create a Holiday called LoTR day so that we can get a week off just to play lotro? XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sapience View Post
    I think there was a misunderstanding of what was said in the last chat. We aren't doing future class changes in a 'month of' style. They plan is to do them as a whole.
    I think most players would agree that's for a best. A lot of people didn't like the old system because it meant (not entirely true, maybe, but this is how it felt) that their class would get ignored for at least 9 months after it got its month.

    But we all definitely want to see a slightly faster rate of changes and tweaks.
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    hi there:D i have a question

    hi there guys

    my question is :

    Are we going to see any update on the combat animations?

    since there are some that repeat themselves over and over especialy on the warden and captain
    thank you guys thats all keep the good work in offering us the best mmo on the market

    best regards from Portugal
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    Last chat the devs talked there were plans for all classes in lotro, make some revision on each one. Can you reveal some of the changes or when they are going to happen? I am sure lots of people are wondering to know a bit more about this "promises"

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    Will there be a transcript posted afterwards, for those of us who don't tweet?
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    Many instances are scaled from 3 to 12 players. Is there any chance that you could add solo & duo versions as well?

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    This one's for Associate Designer (MTX) Mara "Aubergine" Patton, because I'd like to know:

    Q: Rainothon: How feasible would it be to fund (part of) a housing and kinship revamp through Store-bought items and features?

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    Will the Kinship system get a much deserved revamp?

    Will housing get a much deserved revamp?

    Ever considered of letting Kinships buy their own Homestead?

    Will pre-Moria content also be polished like you did with Moria itself in the last few updates? (Not major overhauls, but maybe add some auto quest bestowel stuff, or update Michael Delving like you did with Bree)

    Thank you for your time!
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    I have some questions:

    -) Will we see rank scaling moors gear in the near future, or any other non-cosmetic reward for ranking?
    -) With the introduction of quite a lot of golden gear, will we see golden gear in the moors too, with rank requirement maybe?
    -) What are your plans to reward T2 raiders, with the new raids will T1 and T2 loot be separated again? (T2 should at least have better jewelry drops and either a better armor set, or First Ages exclusivly)
    -) Will class updates also bring updates to creep classes?

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    Good stuff, it already seemed lately you've increased the communication amount a little bit again.. then this comes.. can't say more then keep it coming..

    I will hope this question is being answered as there's quite some people who've named it in their question list.. although I'm not sure which of the attendees would be the one responsible for it, I might think it's part of a systems department..

    Q: Will we see a kinship system improvement? There's so much to improve.. Ideas can be taken from the most popular suggestions thread.. I believe the community wouldn't even mind if you put in store upgrades there.. I as a kinship leader wouldn't mind paying for new ranks or more MotD space to name a few..
    If this is just not possible.. what is keeping you from making it possible..?

    Thanks for listening!

    Greets Thran

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    Wink Question :D

    First time posting on forums now, but i'll get straight to my point.

    1) What area do you plan to release next ingame? There are several on Rhovanion map, that have not been released such as West Rohan, Fangorn, Gladden Fields, Northern Mirkwood etc.

    2) ETA for U10?

    3) Could we see a little increase in Guardian dps? Soloing on higher levels can take quite a while, especially if deeding.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Q: When will Turbine repair Belegaer?

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    Can we expect the main storyline to continue with Update 10?

    Can we expect landscape content with Update 10 or is it just the new instance cluster?

    Can we expect any updates to major game systems (like the interrupt changes and worldwide remote looting in U9) with Update 10?

    Basically, any Update 10 info you can spare please.
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    What plans are there to fix the constant 5-60 second "lag" freezes? It's been made pretty clear that users' computers aren't to blame considering the high-end system owners on fast connections experiencing it. Also consider that those same people go on to trying much newer (and thus heavier) games which run smooth as a mithril axe.

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    1. Any chance for removal of outpost buffs in Moors, since it showed as a complete failure?

    2. Any possibility of making a gap between creep rank and skills to buy? i.e. only one or two ranks higher than the actual rank?

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    When could we buy VIP time with our Steam account ? For who does not have nor Paypal or Visa.

    Thank you.

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    1. Any comments on balance in pvp?

    2. Is there any chance that the link between audacity and armour pieces can be revisited so that freeps arent forced into specific armour setups? I would prefer that audacity belonged to the character(as for creeps) rather then being linked to the armour pieces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucica View Post
    1. Any chance for removal of outpost buffs in Moors, since it showed as a complete failure?

    maybe not a complete remove of this, but the buffs are too high...

    can we expect any changes in the moors?


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