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    Just thought i'd give you an idea of what's happening with today's chat.

    For starters we'll be posting the full transcript of the chat for those who couldn't join us on twitter.

    Also, while we're going to answer as many questions as possible during the chat, and we've already selected nearly two dozen from twitter, facebook, and the forums to address, we can't answer every single question from every single person. So while we may not answer your personal question, we may answer similar or related questions from other players. We tend to see a lot of duplicates or similar questions with a few wording variations.

    And we ask that everyone please realize that the development process is a fluid one and while we make every effort to give the best answer available at the time, all of our answers should be viewed with the realization that priorities may shift, changes may need to be made, or to be perfectly honest something may not be as simple or cost effective as we hoped and will need to be cut. So please understand that as you read our replies.

    Looking forward to seeing you all at 3pm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlmericITA View Post
    My questions was for Devs, mate
    Creep have some features (power leeching, reducing inc healing) that freep don't have, or not good as creep counterpart.
    (And you shold know that WL have a cc-removal skill)
    I agree with you when you say that the cc-protection for freep is better but that's not my question.
    The in-depth question is : That brand is the right way to balance the game? Or is a bit overpowered? There's a chance to balance it managing with CD, with immunities, with duration of immunities, out of combat only activation?
    But freeps have crazy masteries and power regens. To equal that, creeps have to eat the 10 min food for the r12 or above. And not a lot of people are r12 and above at this point...I think that creeps need more power regen and freeps need to stop complaining.
    And yes, I Budhorn during raids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zalladi View Post
    Q: Will Galuhad's Kinship proposal ever be considered?
    This. Is the kinship system scheduled for a revamp?
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    1. Would there ever be a instance design like u guys did with Carn dum back then in 2007? Or is the new shorter 6 man instances the future of lotro? a 6 man instance with many bosses and different wings and keys to get from one boss to get another wing open would be very nice and many would love to get in to it.

    2. Any news about a full revamp of the Rift raid?

    3. Is western rohan going to be the same looks (plains,hills,etc.) as eastern rohan looks now?

    4. Any new area coming soon and if so is it going to get completly new looks what we havent seen yet?

    5. Any news about a kinship update?

    Last but not least....

    6. is helmsdeep getting his walls steady already and soon done for a massive uruk attack?

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    Two quick questions:

    -When do you start? (paraphrase this question as 'Did I make a time conversion error?')
    -When is the looking forward to 2013 blog coming? The first month is almost over.
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    will you be making defiler squishy or nurfing there heals?

    they are OP on evernight

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    Dev chat is over and the transcript will be going up shortly


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