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    Congratulations on Rank 13, Raith!


    Your bro sent me this clip of you after you finally ranked:

    Just so you know, when I heard you were close to ranking and were willing to escort that god damn hobbit, I was like:

    And then I was like:

    But then, when I saw you rank off a Greenie, I was like:

    In all seriousness, dude, if you're going to bring a group to the Moors, please don't bring the following: 6 Burglars, 4 Minnies, 2 Captains, Balbaroy, Gunpowder, and Rootberry. Are you trying to PvP fairly or something? Look, the Creeps didn't have their helmets and crayons, I mean, the numbers that day. Back the &&&& up.

    Congratulations man, well deserved and well earned. On to the next because those &&&&&&&s need to die.
    Brittain. Fidel. KimJongIl.

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    Well done Raith.
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    Congrats Raith, you sexy sexy Hillbilly.

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    Was a lot of fun fights last night, grats honey boo boo

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    Jeez Raith, I think these people ^ forgot you were 4 captains
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    Grats on rank 13 mate, onward to the next one buddy.
    Lightningbolt Rk7 Lm - Zallando Rk7 Rk - Funellweb Rk9 Weaver

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    Was super fun trolling creeps and healing with you Raith. Grats! Maybe I'll level my minstrel and we can do it more ;O And thanks for letting me leech all your spars. Ever.
    Lifgar R12 RK Firefoot
    Arcuss R10 BA Meneldor
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