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Thread: U9 lag

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    U9 lag

    ever since U9 came out me and a lot of other people are having huge lag issues. can this be fixed? i have more lag now even though im on a faster computer than pre-U9. when i go to one of the barrows to farm gold i cant move at all when there are other people with me. or even other people not in my fellow inside.its like i have been nerfed!
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    Right now there are a lot of lagg issues in game.
    Most players think that they are server related. Maybe turbines code is buggy, maybe the servers need a restart, maybe WB takes resources away from turbine. I don't know.

    But at the moment the community management is horrifying.

    Threads about lagg issues get closed down without a reason/statement. (See here)
    Turbine remains silent to all the issues in game. If you ask me, this game is slowly dying/gets closed down. *sad*
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