Minds of Reason is a Kinship with many ideas in mind. One of them bieng to solve RP problems with the mind, not the body. I personally find that when things are solved with the mind, it provides more options, making the experience all the more interesting. In this kinship we will do many things that have to do with the mind, perhaps a game of riddles, a contest of wit, or something else of the sort.

A game of riddles takes place when you ask a riddle to one person, and the other answers. Then the other person asks and you answer. Then so on untill someone loses. Simple.

A contest of wit is a bit more tricky. This can be from a simple arguement to improvising in a fight. This is highly suggested for members to take part in with each other as this is a good part of what makes up this Kinship. (Note that you will just be pretending, not in a real fight, (We wouldn't want you to die or be injured practicing))

Minds of reason and its members will also try and help you improve these skills of you so choose. It will most likely come in handy when RP'ing.

To join Minds of Reason, simply contact "Recloak" Without the "", or post here.

Thank you. (For people on the forums - I have two kinship threads because there are two characters in which i am leading them on.)