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    Hunter Tracking Skill Problem

    Ever since the most recent updates (RoR, etc.), my hunter's tracking arrow no longer shows up in the mini-map. If he is tracking something that is close enough to be within the mini-map circle, the red dot still shows up - but if it is outside the range of the mini-map circle, no arrow appears to show which direction to go.

    I thought it might be interference with the tiny red dots that now show the location of all mobs, so I shut that feature off. But it still hasn't brought back the directional arrow.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is this something that is known and being worked on/addressed? Or is there a setting that I can adjust that will help? Thank you in advance for any helpful feedback!

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    I've had the same problem, but it's not consistent. Sometimes it shows, sometimes it doesn't.

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    My sweetie and I both have the same problem on all of our hunter characters. And when in a fellowship, it tends to show the tracking target to one but not all group members, though it's random which member of the fellowship sees it or not. Very annoying.

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    Just to say that I too have noticed this problem of no arrow{s} pointing to the tracked target (since RoR?) on my Hunter.

    As said, an annoying bug, but with me it has been consistently not working.
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    same issue here, i can fix it sometimes by logging out and back in, but it does not always fix it. would love an indicator at
    the top showing which way i face? that would be nice. like an N or S or W or SW something like that that shows you your direction, that way, at least i can head in the right direction....
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    I am having the same problem since at least December. I think I might /bug it in game since I don't know where else to report it.



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