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Thread: The ABC'S Rally

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    The ABC'S Rally


    If you cannot view the Poster, the text is repeated following the Rules below.


    1. Standard Mounts only.

    2. Riders will receive the first set of Clues at the starting line, at the Hunting Lodge in Archet.

    3. Upon solving the Clue and finding the next Cluegiver, the Rider MUST start a Trade with th' Cluegiver. At the first Station this trade will only be to give the Rider an Item. In subsequent trades, the Item from the previous Cluegiver must be offered to receive a new Item, and the next Clue.

    4. If more than one Rider reaches a Cluegive at the same time, the Cluegiver will not attempt to decide who got there first. Rather, the first Trade offered to the Cluegiver will be accepted, and then the next Trade offered, and so on. It is always the Rider's responsibility to start the Trade.

    5. If the Rider does not offer the proper Item in Trade, the Cluegiver will simply cancel the Trade and wait for the next Rider.

    6. For each Rider, there are 12 Rally Stations between the Hunting Lodge and the Finish Line. However, to spread out the field,
    FOUR Clues will be read at the Hunting Lodge. Riders may choose any of the four to locate. None are dead ends, and all are approximately equal in length of travel and difficulty of the Clue. These separate paths will merge into one over the course of the Rally.

    7. To keep the Rally moving along, every ten minutes Clues will be broadcast over a dedicated Rally Channel. Thus if a Rider cannot locate a Cluegiver, within 10 minutes another Clue will be given, and the Rider can start fresh from there. AFTER A CLUE HAS BEEN BROADCAST, THAT CLUEGIVER WILL NOT NEED TO BE GIVEN AN ITEM. However, the Rider must still start a trade, and receive the Item for the NEXT Cluegiver.

    8. The Finish Line operates in the same manner as a Clue Station, that is, the Rider must surrender the Item received from the last Cluegiver in order to complete the Rally.


    Like Competition? Enjoy Solving Puzzles?
    Think you know your ABC'S?
    Then Come Join The

    Sponsored by Second Breakfast

    Archet | Bree | Coombe | Staddle

    at 1:00PM Server Time

    The Rally STARTS at the Hunting Lodge in Archet...
    Rally Riders will find themselves chasing after Clues through the Town of Bree and its suburbs. Cluegivers are stationed all over the Map, waiting to whisper the next Clue to those Riders clever enough to locate them! Each Rider must deal with 12 Clues to reach the final Cluegiver and get the Clue to the location of the Finish Line.
    Recommended for level 15 and higher; some low-level foes will be encountered
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    I do think a warning is in order. There will certainly be hobbits at this event.

    Please make sure all food is locked up and that you stay with your horse at all times.

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    Great initiative

    I'll try to be there

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    BAH! I have to work! This sounds sooooo cool! I truly wish you well on this!

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    Yes, there'll be prizes! Items in the prize chest include a Worn Symbol of Celebrimbor, several Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigils, Burst of Experience Tomes, Fused Relics, and Enhanced XP Supplies. Oh, and Gold Coins, too.

    Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, PLUS there will be a separate prize for "Best Excuse for Getting Lost" (to qualify for that prize the Rider must complete the course... eventually...)

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    PRIZE UPDATE! We got a wonderful donation of 1,550 TURBINE POINTS! YES! The 1st place winner will receive those TPs, along with a selection of the other items mentioned!

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    The Shire

    Cool Lag?

    Sweet! I was just chillin' in Rivendell when I heard about this over the ol' Regional chat.

    Just one question:

    I'm a Mac beta user and I get a lot of lag in Bree ever since Update 9. How will this affect the race?

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    Can't speak to your particular situation, Soarel, but the Rally is less a contest of speed than of wits. If you can figure out the Clues quicker than other folks, then lag may not be so much of a problem.

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    Thanks for a great event!

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    Thanks to you, Ike, and the other people that came out to run the Rally! Could have hoped for more folks, but maybe there will be more next time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolderbrook View Post
    Thanks to you, Ike, and the other people that came out to run the Rally! Could have hoped for more folks, but maybe there will be more next time!

    I am terrible sorry I missed out the event
    I hope ya'll will organise another one, one day or another ^^



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