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    New NA player - Is that recommended?

    Hey guys. I just started this game. I am no stranger to MMO's, and I am a life-long Tolkien fan. I really like the level of immersion this server would seem to offer, but I hear that this server operates by UK hours. I am located on the east coast of the US, and I typically play in the evening time. Would I have a hard time finding PUGs, getting PvP fights, etc.? Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for your help!

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    Laurelin is a former codemasters server, with mostly eu population so will be most active during eu peak times. All servers are based in NA now. Laurelin is a roleplay oriented server as is landroval so if that aspect of gameplay appeals to you, pick one of these. You can create characters on all servers so nothing to prevent you from trying them all.
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    Welcome to the magical, mythical world of J.R.R Tolkien!

    Laurelin is indeed the most immersive (and friendly) server I have ever experienced in LotRO from all the realms I have played on. It is true that it was a EU server, but that was two years ago I think by now; since Turbine took over the overall population has increased greatly especially during the time that folk from US play.
    This is the only official English-speaking RP server of LotRO thus it draws many people who want to experience the game in a more immersive and story-driven way. You (and others) will find plenty fans of the books here too.

    There are quite a few actually N/A kinships on Laurelin.To make it easier for you, I will link here some of the Kinships (that I at least know) that have many people who play from America therefore are active during your playtime:

    The Iron Axes, Esquires of the Riddermark (for men/women of Rohan) The Company of the Rising Dawn and the Out of Bounders as it is mentioned in your other thread. Read the website of each and see what you prefer best.

    With that said few other things that you may want to at the very least be aware of: the global channel of the server where one can find others to form a fellowship for raids/pvmp/group-content, is globallff (and glff too) Hundreds of people there although if you take my counsel use it only when you need to and then leave and re-join it again when you want to form a group.

    And as I read that you are a Tolkien-fan, I deem it good for you to know that Laurelin has a chat-channel in-game that is for all the the fans (and rpers) of the Middle-earth legendarium. It is better to have a look for yourself at the Official Page for it that explains all about it.

    Last but not least, have a look on Laurelin Archives, the RP Webportal of the server where almost all events and kinships of the server are listed; that and much, much more as you will see.

    Good fortune. May your stay be long and enjoyable on Laurelin the Great; a jewel among all the servers of LotRO!

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    How is PvMP on this server? It is something I am very interested in. Will I have a chance at this since I'll be playing NA hours?

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    Florida player here restarted in Laurelin this year, and the population noticeably declines after 9pm EST, so take that into consideration. My playtime starts at around 4pm so it works for me, and I enjoy the RP feel and more inquisitive folks.

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    Welcome aboard!

    I'm going to agree with others here and say that Laurelin is a wonderful server full of really great people. I myself live on the west coast US, and have joined the The Company Of The Rising Dawn kinship (guild), which is comprised of mostly US players. You should check them out at: http://www.risingdawn.shivtr.com

    As others have stated, the eu peak hours will (most likely) be when you are sleeping, so you will miss out on some events, etc., but I personally haven't noticed any real downside to playing on Laurelin - the quality of the people more than make up for any other lack.



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