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    how fast is the pvp in this game?

    how fast is the pvp in this game compared to wow? to give you a idea if you pop all your cds in wow you can kill a target in 6-10 secs

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    It would depend on your level, their level, your class, their class, your ability, their ability, etc.

    If this is a big concern for you, I would recommend heading back to WoW. LOTRO is not a game for people who live and die by PvP.

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    As stated above, lotro isnt really a pvp game. But to answer your question, it depends.
    I have seen some group vs group (or raid vs raid) fights go on for 5-10mins. And some not quite as long.
    In terms of 1v1s, I have seen quite a few go for 10 minutes and even longer. It all depends on rank and skill (Although rank isnt that big of a deal for freeps, as it is creeps) If you have 2 high rank and skilled people, expect a pretty long fight.

    The only way I could see a fight lasting under 10 seconds is if its a superior geared freep against a greenie or a creep blowing cds against a freep with no audacity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angrolas View Post
    In terms of 1v1s, I have seen quite a few go for 10 minutes and even longer.
    ive been in 1 hour+ long 1v1's....they are so super fun! but on the other end of the spectrum, ive been in 1v1's that last than a minute
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    Quote Originally Posted by angrolas View Post
    I have seen some group vs group (or raid vs raid) fights go on for 5-10mins.
    An that's just waiting for skills to activate after you click them.

    ba dump bump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wartober View Post
    An that's just waiting for skills to activate after you click them.

    ba dump bump.
    ya i meant how slow it is at cap lvl in wow duels can last for 10 mins max but in 1v1 whats the normal time?

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    Pvp in lotro is very slow, just to activate a skill it would take around 2 mins

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    In case you aren't aware of this: in Lotro there is no regular PvP, it is limited to sparring and PvMP in the special Ettenmoors area. Sparring is limited to 1v1 and 2 minutes max, but depending on classes involved can also end within seconds. PvMP for your normal chars is only interesting at level-cap anyway and as others have said is very situational: If you're jumped upon unprepared you can die in seconds, while a prepared 1v1 between the right classes can go on forever.

    If PvP is your main interest however you might be better off looking at other games though.
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    It's slowed down significantly but it's certainly not as amazing as Bk12 (?) SoA was.

    It was the perfect pace.
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    Combat in general is incredibly slow in this game. Hence why so many keyboard turning, mouth breathing, clickers thrive here.

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    Usually things go fairly steady and slow...audacity is turbines attempt to make things slower and imo it's working.
    In this game you don't want to die in a few seconds.

    However in my case i tend to go "I'm fine, everything is going perfectly"
    *Oponent pops a few cooldowns* OMG kite KITE! KITE!!!!


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    Not sure how fast the pvp is in WoW, since I only played it for 20 minutes and got tired/boar'd (no pun intended but actually there is ) of killing boars, but its about as fast as molasses in ice if you want a comparison; I've heard from many avid pvpers from other games that this is probably the slowest pvp combat they ever been in, even with changes to make it "faster" via immediate and fast skills combat-wise. I can also attest to this as although this was my first ever mmo, other pvp games I've played have had much faster, as well as much more intense/fun pvp.

    In summation, the average pvp player can do fairly well in this game pvp-wise, but in other games against good pvpers, they would prolly get roflstomped due to the speed changes. In short: Lotro pvp is the pee-wee league of pvp.
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