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    Eastemnet Processing feels like cheating

    Here is what a developer wrote about it:

    "New "processing" recipes have been introduced to help the non-gathering professions level up their craft. Metal, Wood and Leather Shaving recipes are being auto-granted to Jewellers, Tailors, Metalsmiths, Weaponsmiths and Woodworkers. Cooks will still retain their auto-granted ingredient recipes. The new processing recipes allow the above professions to level up their craft without having to waste enormous amounts of resources. Instead, lower quality ingredients can be turned into the appropriate shavings and the shavings can then be turned back into the low quality ingredient. Once you are able to crit, it is possible to get a return equal to the amount of resources you put in."

    Not sure I understand the need to help out the "non-gathering" professions. I'm not sure I fully understand what he/she meand by "non-gathering, but I digress. What I don't like is the step back from immersion, and the effortlessness it takes to master this tier of crafting. Maybe this was a big issue for many players, or maybe this is what players expect because other games do this. I made around 125 crossbows to completely master tier 7. This might sound silly but it made sense to me, to have to actually build something intricate over, and over, and over again. With all the time I spent harvesting wood and building those crossbows, I feel like I earned that tier of expertise. Tier 8...just too easy. I created 74 Thin Oak Boards and went to build something for the first time. I then noticed processing and went for it, I went from 0 to 1040 towards MASTERY in very little time. I was kind of excited about it when I discovered it, but now I feel kind of gipped. It used to be rewarding to master a tier, you could wear those titles with pride! But now, you just scratch out some saw dust and glue it back together over and over until you are one of the most prestigious crafters of your profession??

    To a lesser extent, part of playing a MMORPG and more specifically, being in a kin. Is the ability to lean on and count on each other to work together as a team. Originally, I think they set out to structure crafting with that in mind. But the processing seems to take some of that away.

    And finally, this really lowers the price of tier 8 planks and stuff. Those that put in the time to harvest the materials wont get as much when selling them in the AH. How will gatherers provide for their families now?! ;(

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    Well, crafting is never going to be much worth 'bragging' about - even with your crossbow example it's just a matter of collecting mats, create prerequisite ingredients and then click "Make all" at the crossbow in question.
    If it makes sense to you, noone will stop you from doing that again for tier 8, for but for those who does not think it makes sense there's another choice now.

    As for the economy factor, this is but a small change in the big picture considering the farming of Harwick and Durchest T1.

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    I am suprised how easy they made crafting with this change... It doesnt really make sense if they are trying to flog crafting XP enhancers etc.

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    What actually breaks my immersion is having to trash hundred of crafted items because they don't worth anything.

    I wasted thousands of ore, wood and leather leveling all my crafters and still I have a lot to do. T6 and T7 are a nightmare, so a bit of fresh air wont hurt.

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    I actually welcomed this change for tier 8 crafting too. Tiers 6 and 7 are a pain to master and you get small rewards from selling your finished bows/crossbows etc to vendors. You can't put them all for sale on the AH or the market will crash (or nobody will buy them).

    In my opinion, there is a way to loosely justify this change in your mind if you really want to. Suppose that you mastered tier 7. Then you are considered to be among the top in your crafting profession (remember i said "to loosely justify this change" !).

    In order to get to the next level you need to work in the small details of your craft! For example work on the clicking mechanism of a crossbow without actually creating a crossbow. See all the details of how it works, then scrap it to get raw materials back and do it again until you create the perfect mechanism. I don't know but it kind of makes some sense for me.

    You could say the same though for previous tiers too, but oh well..

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    So you think making 200 crossbows is a hard work and challenge and processing mats all over again is not?

    I remember doing Trollshaws cooking quest on my lvl 7 several years ago. That is one of the moments in this game I will never forget. It took 5 lvl 50s summoning, escorting, protecting and healing my baby girl and still I was close to death on her more than once. And when I was done I whooped to lvl 12 on that single quest heh. Try that for a challenge



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