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    Jun 2011

    | "Ilfrin Qeussir en Tel'Ithil" | "Immortal Elves of the Moon" | EU

    Ilfrin Qeussir en Tel'Ithil

    Leader: Lothidir Gilneasu
    Members: 20
    Created: 13-1-2013
    Rank: 3
    RP: Med-Heavy
    Timezone: EU GMT+1
    Racial: Only Elf
    International Kin (Only English)
    Official Website: http://immortalelvesofthemoon.guildlaunch.com

    Story Rp:

    They are the immortal one's, the Elves of the Moon.

    Nobody ever heard of those Moon-Elves, not the Dwarfs, Man or the Hobbits. Not even the Elves of the Eldar.
    Men say they existed a very long time ago and have been lost since then. They also call them as "The Forgotten Moon-Elves",
    Because nobody remembers them anymore..

    They say they only come out when there is full moon and cant be seen in the shadows of the forests. At nightfall u can see the
    glows of their eyes trough the forest these days, the voices of the Moon-Elves u hear whispering to each other in the deep forest, the beauty of the forest shining at full moon. Only those who are immortal can enter the forest or else those forbidden men who dares to enter the forest wont come back out alive..

    In Middle-Earth they believe we already died for more than 10 thousand years because men didnt see them for ages, but still
    men do fear to enter the forest. The truth is they live very very deep in the forests of Middle-Earth.

    And now my fellow Moon-Elven , our time has come to let the world see where we have been for all those years, Rise with me my fellows and let us be all be together again...

    We Moon-Elves dont die by living for ages, We die by being killed or slain in Wars.

    Never give up the hope, We are not alone...

    - Lothidir Gilneasu, Leader of the Moon-Elves

    Today we unite all together my fellow elven brothers, Today we will be one.

    A new Elven Kin has been raised in Lorién and its growing each day, We seek for our Elven brothers to join us and be with us.


    *-> Check our Forums for the lastest updates about our kin!
    *-> Qeustions/Suggestions? Post it here or find me ingame!
    *-> To be Updated.
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