The Guild of Extraordinary Musicians is a Kinship that has a big emphisis on music. This Kinship is for those who like to listen to music and/or have music to play on their character. If you write your own music, that is a major plus too. What we do here in The Guild of Extraordinary Musicians, is we listen to each others music, have fun, have festivals once in a while, maybe make a band with some of the Members, and much more.

The common place for us to meet I am hoping to make the stage near The Prancing Pony in Bree. We will also have concerts there if you guys want.

If the Kinship chooses to do so, we can also rank the musicians songs. Note that this whole proccess in NON-mandatory. you dont have to do it. We would do this by the audiences approval of a song, if there are 5 or more people in the audience, the percentage of them who like the song becomes the rating of it. this would be done by 3 different votes. lasting appeal, Sound, and originality. Lasting appeal is if you play it fairly consistently, how long does it take before someone loses interest. Sound is the over all sound of the piece. Does it sound good to you? Originality is how the piece differs from other songs.

If you join, feel free to ask others opinions on your music.

If you would like to join, please post here or IM me ingame. Thank you for reading.