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Thread: Fellowships

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    Sometimes i just want to quit this game for a failure to find ANY fellowships at all

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    Wrong kin maybe? tried LFF? Tried the Troll channel (glff) ?

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    Instance finder?
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    Actually I came here for a little rant (grin) to make the same complaint and saw this thread, so it's not just me.

    My guardian has reached his late 50s now, and so I determined to take him on some Moria runs this weekend. But I couldn't get into a single raid. The best thing I did was a GS (6 man) with my kin, and that was fun but the rest of the time I had to resort to three mans through the instance finder.

    I was disappointed considering the server was full several times when I tried logging on, so what's the problem?
    I can see several possibilies...

    1. Newer players just are'nt doing group stuff. Lotro is making things increasingly soloable which is good in some ways as people have the choice then, and aren't stuck if their playtimes are quiet. But not good in that it doesn't encourage new players to start grouping!
    2. Now that servers are international, we have lots of non English speakers on Dwarrowdelf. This is great for me as a UK player in terms of numbers of European time-zone folk online but *not* great if that means despite the numbers, none of them are using /lff or /glff.
    3. The server is just getting older and a larger proportion of players are lvl 85 and bored with the middle lvl instances.

    Personally I suspect it's a combination of all these things. If the language barrier is the biggest problem can I take the opportunity to plead with Lotro to improve the instance finder so that it covers more content. If I do another Siege of Gondamon 2 man I'll scream, lol.

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    Well I can understand not being able to find groups for low-level things. Those with lvl 85 toons are inclined to power level through the lower areas, and there just isn't as many people who are at the same point as you (best option would try regional/lff chats in your area and hope that someone's online at your spot).

    There are difficulties with finding groups (outside of a kin) at the level cap as well, most likely due to lack of new unbeaten content, being able to purchase endgame gear as unbound jewellry, or people not wanting to risk joining pugs, idk. I noticed that there just aren't people asking that often to do a 3-man. I was on the server back when lvl 65 was the cap, and there'd almost always be people looking for groups for just about anything - GS, especially HoC (though wasn't exactly at the cap), turtle, and the new 3-mans at the time like NCF/STH. There just aren't that many people online or asking in the normal channels for now.

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    If Kinships are the problem, I would encourage you to look at The Walking Dead. They are my old kin and some of the nicest people I know to this day. They're always willing to help and are very friendly.

    As everyone else on this thread has also said, try going on Regional/LFF chat or even as Burgzerg stated try Instance Finder. Unless you can tolerate the constant trolling I would not try GLFF.

    Another thing that might be helpful is to know where you're from/when you play. People on Dwarrow are mostly online between 3PM - 9PM servertime (US Eastern Time) on weekdays. If you live in Europe or Australia you might have a harder time finding fellowships and whatnot when you're online.
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    I am in a kin and have been off and on for awhile. But finding the right kin in Dwarrowdelf is quite a challenge in itself. I like to personally complete every quest, task, and instances in an area that i can, unfortunately i can only hole 45 quests at a time lol.

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    we call those Groups or Warbands on creepside
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