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    When are the gold droprates getting nerfed/boosted?

    When are the gold droprates getting nerfed/boosted?

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    I would like to know an answer to this question, also.

    I have run approximately 300 T1s, well-over 200 T2s, and around 150 T2Cs. I have completed the following T2Cs: BG - Full Clear (3 times), Iorbar's Peak, Scuttledells, Sword Halls, and Warg Pens.

    I have only ever seen one Gold Piece drop -- and it was not for me.

    The drop-rate of the piece I want (the ever-elusive boots) is frustrating beyond belief. I am a hard-core end-game player, and the grind to get this item is aggravating, to say the least.

    What's even more frustrating is when your friend's relative runs a Tier 1 Iorbar's and manages to get a Gold piece on their very first run. I understand the concept of 'Your Mileage May Vary', but at what point did Skinner's Box became the focus for giving out good rewards? When you set a percentage to an extremely low value, some people may require a massive amount of attempts before gaining the piece they desire; whereas others are destined to receive a piece in a significantly smaller number of attempts.

    For someone who likes gearing out and trying to stay on the bleeding edge this just flat-out fatiguing, and I would personally like to see the chance for such items to drop on T2Cs.

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    I think I saw elsewhere on the boards that there will be changes to the loot rates with U10 next month?!? I agree it's super frustrating. I've been running a lot of 3 mans and have gotten one teal drop - out of a T1 nonetheless! I think we've had one small crystal drop and a lot of purples, but certainly nothing fantastic and definitely not commiserate with the time put into running them.

    If I weren't new to group running and wanting the experience I'd be a lot more frustrated at this point. On the upside, I've been able to give lots of folks on my server the purple items that drop.
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    Droprates are abysmal. T2C on Iobar and Goblin at least twice a day each for the last 3 weeks and I've not even SEEN a teal or a gold. Yet a kinmate goes into the instance on T1 the first time ever and gets the gold cloak. FML.

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    Playing lotro after this update 9 is just wasting time ...
    I know that you could say : stop to play but i really like the game and the people i'm playing with ....
    Speaking from a full equip champion this way of playing is more sad if possible, i explain : after grinding all the skirmish raid to acquiire new lv 85 loot turblind dev decided to remove the miss chance ( why ?? o_0) and so almost all the equip for champ is perfect for trash vendor .....and now turblind dev again made a mistake and they screwed loot % drop , and after more than 300 400 t2 run i still have to loot gold pieces while the rk friend that plays with me got 5 .......
    So the point is , aren't dev able to fix live or with a restart the drop % ????
    I have a friend that was usual to farm crests from farmer and he sayd that dev can at 95% modify loot% on live , this explain well why from 10 20 crests a day he went down to 1 2 crests by faming ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anolus View Post
    So the point is , aren't dev able to fix live
    Lotro is a product that can only be updated when the product is not running. Live update capability is much more expensive, difficult to do (implement and test) and take longer to develop an update. For the company I work for in software development, all updates are done live. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to prep an update. We only do updates once a month. You find a problem it might be close to 8 weeks before you get a fix especially if the problem is detected in December. We shut down for three weeks for end of year holidays. The January update is always small.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anolus View Post
    or with a restart the drop % ????
    Restart will result result in no change. The loot allocation is hard coded into the server software. Turbine developers have to change the game software. Verify that the game update does not break the product. The changes have to be deployed via a game update.

    I used to work in Raleigh, NC in software development. There was an ITT development center. ITT was called It Takes Time company. IBM - either Infernal Blue Machine or if you worked for them I've Been Moved because IBM liked to move where their employees worked in Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park. IBM liked to not disrupt people's work. They would move you on the weekend when you were not around. You come in on Monday. There would be a map and directions in your old office explaining how to get to your new office. It gave you an opportunity to make sure everything got moved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anolus View Post
    after grinding all the skirmish raid to acquiire new lv 85 loot turblind dev decided to remove the miss chance ( why ?? o_0) and so almost all the equip for champ is perfect for trash vendor
    I fully sympathize with the frustrations you express in your post, but I do want to comment on this particular point as it is a mistake that a lot of people have made on the forums. Removing miss chance was strictly an improvement for all classes, especially champs, and did not degrade the quality of loot with agility on it in any way. Fate is certainly more desirable than agility now, but there are no alternative loot pieces with fate on them for champs (though there likely will be in the future).

    In other words, champs were at P1 before miss chance was removed. We are now at P2 (an improvement), but most people would like to be a P3 (by having fate rather than agility on their jewelry and armor). The fact that we are not at P3 does not mean that we have not improved from P1. So be sure you don't vendor any of your agility gear just yet.



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