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    Thumbs up A Story of a Young Man and his Journeys as a Lore Master Part 7: Archet Under Siege2

    Captain Brackenbrook came with Jon from the gate. So that was what had been taking them so long, Jamison thought. They must of been conversing. 'Jamison, Jamison!' He had heard Strider yell. 'Come with me! There is a foul voice in the air.'
    Jamison went to Strider's side. 'Strider,' he asked him. 'I think the Blackwold's are....' he stopped Talking and looked over at Strider, his face had gone white and quiet. 'Strider? Strider? Strider!' He yelled, and shook him. Strider collapsed on the ground with a thud, then Jamison had an overwhelming sense of fear around him and he found he could not move. Jamison collapsed on the ground. He could barely move his face, but he managed to lean over and see the Hunters. By now, some of them were already on the floor, he saw Captain Brackenbrook take his son's hand and then he fell. The thin gate-way arch near him fell over, and collapsed with a loud
    'boom.' the buildings around him stayed intact, however. And through the arch he saw a hood withought a face. Another one came to his right, and in the middle, the traitor Calder Cob came with him.

    It was the Nazgul, Ringraith's. Servant's of the Dark Lord, Strider had told him when he awoke from a long sleep earlier in the day. They were conversing in a language that, strangely, Jamison could hear them talk.

    'The village of Archet is under ruin,' he heard one of them say, 'the battle is almost complete.'
    'You,' the creature said, pointing at Calder Cob. 'Do what you came here to do.'
    Calder Cob walked cautiously over to Captain Brackenbrook.
    He took a knife from his sheath around his waist and stabbed him in the chest.
    Captain Brackenbrook could barely speak, but somehow he managed to scream out loud and fall back down on the ground. He had died that fast. He could hear Jon's whimpering and cursing; and Calder Cob returned to his masters.
    One of the Nazgul Floated inside the little house with the now broken arch and stayed in there.
    Finally, after a few minutes of waiting, Jamison saw Amdir coming out of the house and the Nazgul floating from behind him.
    The Nazgul's ran out past the Fire with Amdir and left Calder Cob behind.

    He shouted out: 'where are you going? You said I will be one of your most faithful servants in the dark tower's of Carn Dum!'
    The Nazgul hissed, 'we have what we wanted now and there is no more deeds we require of you. Calder Cob, you have been released.' Jamison cringed when the Nazgul said released. It sounded as if they had left him here to die.
    And they did.

    Calder Cob was speechless. Amdir and the Nazgul went through the flame and out of the village.
    Now Jamison could move, he quickly drew his sword that Strider had given him before the battle and stabbed Calder Cob in the chest, the same way he killed Captain Brackenbrook. No words were said to Calder Cob, but Jamison stared at him when he fell over just like the others. Right now Jamison had no pity for Calder Cob.
    He hated him.

    Now Jon Brackenbrook got up and looked over at his dead father.
    'Blindness,' he said, 'In the eyes. Would be a much better trade the being blind at heart.'
    'Poor father,' he heard him say. 'he was blind even to the most apparent visuals. He was worse then a blind man.'
    And He wept over his father's dead body, until it was over.

    Jamison looked over at Strider. He asked him, 'Strider; why did the Blackwolds attack the village if they just wanted to take Amdir? If they wanted him, why didn't they just send a spy?'
    Strider answered him: 'they did, at first.' Jamison remembered the Brigand Strider had shot it in ear. 'Then they launched an attack to capture Amdir. I fear he will be a servant of the Dark Lord, if the Nazgul were sent personally to get him.'
    'One day they will capture Archet, Bree, Bree land, and even worse. The whole of Eregion. Once Eregion falls to shadow, then the enemy will have the upper hand, Rohan and Gondor will be an island on a vast ocean, and will soon fall aswell.
    Now that the war for Archet is over for now, it is time for you to start your training.
    Jamison, before your journey, I ask you to do me one favor.'

    'And what would that be?' Jamison asked him.
    Strider smiled.
    'Rest. You had a long day running through the Archet hills, and a battle.'
    'What about you Strider?'
    'I have business at the Prancing Pony, secret business.'
    'I care not,' answered Jamison. 'goodbye, Strider; I will see you again, later on.'
    'I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn, Isildor's heir. And I hope you address me as such, Jamison.'
    Jamison nodded and went to through the now crumpled up arch and into the bed that Amdir had slept in.
    'Until our next meeting.'
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