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    [EVENT] The 3rd Ting of the West

    The 3rd Ting of the West
    Thorin's Hall's 19th of January
    3rd hour past midday

    Hail and greetings all free folk and kinships of the West, hearken! On the 19th of January the 3rd Ting of the West will be held by the dwarrows of Durin's Folk in the Blue Mountains, in Thorin's Hall's. I Duinn Muninn's son, Frerin's son of the Lonely Mountain, send out an invite to all those willing to participate in the protection and collaboration of all free folk.

    The Ting is already strong! The Eldariant Alliance pledges its support, so we are joined by Elves, Men and Hobbits in our efforts.

    Once more I send out an invite to all folks willing! January 19th On the 3rd hour past midday at Thorin's Hall's Throne, the Western Ting will commence. I stress that the hospitality of the dwarrows is not exaggerated! We will serve drin, food and provide entertainment.

    Duinn Drakenbane of Durin's Folk

    ((OOC; January 19th, 3pm Servertime at Thorin's Hall's, at Dwalin's Throne))
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    Thumbs up Thank you!

    On behalf of the Loth-i-Lonnath I want to thank everyone that organised the event. It was a really enjoyable time and no small feat with so many guests and visitors present.

    The Martial arrangement of Durins Folk by the Throne was excellent! Very imposing and Dwarrow like!

    It was fantastic to see so many from various kins and races and everyone contributing in their own unique way

    You guys deserve a big pat on the back.

    Thank you!
    Ellionn - Elf - Champion
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    May the blessing of Elves and Men and all Free Folk go with you. May the stars shine upon your faces!

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    I agree with Earinlin above

    I am impressed of the work put into this, I noticed many details aswell, that gave the event a truly nice touch.

    It was nice to see so many gathered from various Kins. it also gave us more reasons for future stories and roleplaying (not only whitin Kin, but beetween other Kins aswell). A great event for the community!
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