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    Are you serious with the Tomes?

    I'm sure I'm late to the party on this one, been gone for pretty much a year. I hit 85 and think I should upgrade my tome and find that the Eastemnet Tome of Wind-rider (level 80) gives +54 power over its level 60 counterpart. That's about 1 quick-shot. My captain friend links me one of his standards, and the passive morale bonus has about doubled from 60 to 80 and the physical mastery rating has increased by about 30%.

    What gives?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiriel View Post
    What gives?
    Good question. The pitiful increase of 54 points of power over an rise of 25 character levels is just downright insulting, even worse when compared to the increases of the class items of other classes.
    The only thing worse than a company making bad decisions, is the apologists who cheer it on.

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    Spiriel, if you've played those 85 levels through one or more Updates/Expansions, you should know by now that the Hunter class is the target of all the devs' harm, practical jokes, insults and the like.

    (Unfortunately, the Hunter is the class I love and I can't just let it go...)



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