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    Other players unable to hear my manually played music.


    Today I got a friend to try LotRO, and when I tried to play some music to her (manually, not using ABC) she is unable to hear anything or see the floating notes but she can for herself and other people.
    I restarted my game, she restarted hers, I got another player to see if they could hear anything from me and they couldn't, but when I went into options and unchecked Low Latency Mode, I can't hear anything or see notes either, it's completely unresponsive. Because of where I live I have to use satellite internet, which means playing with a ridiculously high ping, usually around 900ms the whole time. I imagine it's possible for this to be the root of the problem but it would surprise me if my horrid ping would mean a total lack of functionality with the player music system.

    It's not a simple matter of them or me having player music volume set low, we have checked that.

    Does anyone happen to know a specific cause/fix for this problem?


    EDIT: Thought I would add, if I play with .abc files it isn't heard by others either, and my friend who I could hear earlier is now inaudible to me as well. Several months ago I played plenty of music with .abc to other people, so I'm getting the feeling this is not so much a problem caused on my end...
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    There is a known bug in the music system where sometimes you can't hear someone playing. The fix is to log out and back in. It might be exacerbated by your need to use satellite to play but I am not sure. Band members who are meaning to play a concert will usually wait until everyone has got to one area and tested an instrument before being invited into the band fellowship to play. My suggestion would be to test your sound with another player and if it's not heard it could be either one of you.

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    Yep. If you are playing music in a fellowship, wait until everyone else is in front of you before inviting anyone to fellowship. The bug seems to affect people when the fellowship is created at a distance (i.e. two people not in the same location). If you get the sound bug, relog and get the fellowship to disband before inviting everyone again.

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    Alright, thanks guys.



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