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Thread: Stoneheight T2

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    Stoneheight T2

    Hey guys, I run Stoneheight on T1 currently using my RK. I don't have too much trouble doing it on him, but it seems T2 is absolutely ridiculous. I have both a guard and a rk at level cap and I was wondering if anyone out there had successfully completed Stoneheight on T2 with either of those classes and if so how you managed it.

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    BTW, I was usually farming StH T2C (I can be afk during fight, I receive nearly no damage, but I'm a heavy class (Champ)...) for relics + 7-8G in last chest , but the gold is not there anymore !
    Did someone else noticed this ?

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    Yep, also experienced the same with the Inn of the Forsaken. Used to get 5-7G each run, now, at the same level, it's roundabout 400silver

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    Interesting. (I noticed the other day they even nerfed the gold in the token turn in boxes in the moors... but that's probably a function of all the trash drops we get now. (25 token one went from 2.5 gold or so to 200 silver.)) Bleh. I'll never be rich anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akidryt View Post
    Yep, also experienced the same with the Inn of the Forsaken. Used to get 5-7G each run, now, at the same level, it's roundabout 400silver
    Yes I noticed this and was very annoyed. Not much incentive for me to run it solo now. Seems the instances all were affected after U9 as far as coin give out. I read that "In their Absence" instances are next on the block for "scaling", I'm very worried that these won't be able to be farmed as they are now.

    For the OP did you mean solo'ing T2? I have a level cap guard and normally 2 man it with a friend (anything from another lvl cap toon to an on level burg) to farm the relics/ixp runes. Usually if my partner is on level they do enough dps or heals or conjs for heals that I can survive long enough finish off the bosses. If it's someone at lvl cap then it's easy and they usually do the dps and I tank as normal.

    As for soloing...I've beaten the first boss solo on tier 2, I have no doubt I can solo the 2nd boss though I've never actually attempted it because someone always joins in before I get to him solo lol (I'm more afraid of waking up the wolves to be honest lol).

    Now for the last boss, the last time I ran this I completely solo'd the man and did about 80% of the orc cause my buddy died fast (lagged during the orc's aoe). The way I survived it is running with the complete yellow traits for survivability, a guardian belt with legacies to maximize my self heals (fast cooldown of catch a breath, improve % of catch a breath, improve % of warriors heart/fortitude or whatever that skill is called, relic for incoming heals). I have the shadow hytbold gear so it improves the self heal. For rings and earrings is all the best tank stuff from Great River/Roots of Fangorn so a lot of vitality. For neck, pocket, and cloak I use items with lots of mitigation. Sarchol from Isengard Pits, the necklace also from Pits that gives incoming heals and tact mitigation and the Silver Spoon from 16th hall that gives awesome mitigations still!

    For virtues (all rank 16) I put anything that gives me mitigation (prioritizing tactical if I have a choice) and resistance. So basically I'm at physical mitigation cap, near tactical mitigation cap (like 67-68%) that works well with guardians ward and I have resistance at like 10000. My morale is in the high 15k.

    So with that gear, some shield spikes just so I don't do common damage with my shield, careful use of my wound pots and general guardian survival skills like pledge and some morale potions I managed to kill them both though like i said not entirely solo. I will try again solo and see how I do. I did tried with this setup on tier 1 and the last boss never got me below 12k morale lol. I don't even eat regen food cause I never got in the habit of doing so.
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    Haven't tried with either guard or rk but I have soloed all of T2CM as a fervour champ a few times, being able to survive the stuns on the last boss is really the only hard part.



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