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Thread: Raids

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    Which are your favorite raids and why?

    Thank you for all your responses.

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    Hmm....To be honest, my favorite overall might be The rift of Nurz Ghashu. A tad long to run on-level, but it was diverse in style and had interesting and beautiful scenery. But only if you get past Barz and Zurm.

    The original Barad Guldur was a pretty darn hard instance, but it's been made a tad easier now. As such, I consider it fun to run up to the 2nd boss, and a challenge up to the last.

    The raid that has always fascinated me but always given me the most trouble is Ost Dunhoth. Good music, good design, good mechanics. Just ridiculously hard. I'd advise those starting out new kinships to set this instance as a goal: Completing it in it's entirety is a good sign of an excellent raid group, on-level especially, but also at 85.

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    My favorite was the Rift. I haven't tried any of the newer ones. I don't have the physical endurance to keep up the pace anymore. Even a three man instance wears me out.

    But man, the Rift was fun. Well, losing a roll not so much fun.
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    I don't raid. I did do the Rift as a skirmish, because I had to for III.1.8. Hated it, too. I'm a wimpy LM and I belong to a tiny kinship, mostly crafters. Raids just aren't in the picture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djheydt View Post
    I don't raid. I did do the Rift as a skirmish, because I had to for III.1.8. Hated it, too. I'm a wimpy LM and I belong to a tiny kinship, mostly crafters. Raids just aren't in the picture.
    I don't get this. You're in a crafting kin, so stop fooling around and forge those Narsil shards into the Blade of the West -- you guys would rock the raids then!

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    The original RIFT is still my favourite, there all classes were needed for a balanced raid. Now it's mostly a dps race through space... and the loot, gz all Hunters for the Wigfield cloak

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    The original Rift, because it needed every class to complete so you always felt like you were appreciated when you did your bit right. And the sense of achievement when you finally got the 'Rog down for the first time...
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    I came in when the level cap was 65, so I can't really speak for Rift, Carn Dum, Helegrod, Watcher, Turtle, or DN in their prime (though DN was pretty fun to run at 65). That leaves BG, OD, Draigoch, and ToO for my choices.

    Pretty clear winner for me. I loved OD and I'm looking forward to the scaled version. (Hopefully Update 10!) BG was a pretty fun fight at 65 as well, even though the only time I ever ran it was when the ICPR debuff was broken.
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    I think OD is my favorite. DN was quite fun as well, and I liked BG on level...though that long run back after a wipe was annoying.

    ToO was a great raid with some interesting mechanics, but the lack of worthwhile loot and the fact that some of the bosses were basically undoable in challenge mode for so long meant that in the long dry spell when there were no new raids, there was also little need to do it except for tier 1 for armour for alts. So my memories are not so much of figuring out and then gradually mastering the raid as of doing it easy mode because no one was willing to run it tier 2. Had there been more reason to run it, it would probably have been a very close second to OD.
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    There are so many horrible raids that I don't think are doable even at 10 lvls over(foundry,ToO, Draigoch,Vile Maw)completed 1 F/F once the rest completely shut out at.Its hard to pick a favorite. But the new BG raid not on lvl but the new one is probably the one i run the most. the others listed I'm 1 for 150 combined on them so not many good raids for me personally. If you can't complete them are they considered good in your opinion?

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    The Rift on level, without a doubt.

    I would even go as far as saying that the Rift at level 50 is the best designed raid I have ever taken part in in any MMO I have played. I would love to see a level 85 version of this. I have never felt that same sense of achievement as I did when I first completed the Rift.
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    The Rift, on level of course. It was nice to see your progression through the raid. Plus using the raid locks meant you could come back to it the next day if you wanted. It was challenging but very doable and the sense of accomplishment the first time the "rog" went down was great.

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    The Rift. Wonderful plotline, superb sets and interesting mechanics that required everyone to be on form. Nothing has ever come close. Mechanics have become overcomplex and non intuitive with dps races taking the place of design. DN was the utter nadir of naffness. A pity, because the leadup plotline was promising.
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    My favourite raid has got to be Ost Dunhoth. Extremely challenging, but the instance also had an incredible atmosphere. Second would be the Rift, then the old BG, Vile Maw, Dar Nugubud, ToO, Draigoch. I cannot wait until they scale them. Just as long as they don't mess with the difficulty that is. I think I'd leave the game if they made OD easy...

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    Dar Narbugud. Crazy.
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