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    The Northern Kingdom (TNK) wants you!

    Hi there everyone!

    The Northern Kingdom is Again recruiting!

    *We are an all around kin, with almost anything you can imagine. We do parties, deeds, quests, crafting, raiding, and we are going to be hitting the Ettenmoors soon! We glad to give new members a hand, and we don't ignore the vets of our kin as well!

    *For the time time being, we try to host skirmishes and raids at least once a week. We also do raids and skirmishes of all lvl so it isn't only low or high lvl kinship.

    *As for our parties... Well there is nothing to say but fun! We usually start it off by going to our kin house (Falathlorn, Maidlanc, 5 Waterbank Road) and then start sparing (after a few rounds of ale, of course!). Then moving to horse racing and foot racing, or instances, etc. We usually finish the night with a game of tag!

    *We are one of those kinship's who are big on housing. Nothing better then a house that is fully decorated. We get most decorations from instances, and raids, and... Well wherever we can get good looking stuff for the Kin house!

    *In TNK we are not the most "Serious" and "Strict" kin like a few others. We love to get to know our new members their personalities. Along with this, my friend and heir to TNK, Bothorn has made, and is in the process of finishing a parody about the game staring our kinship (Will show a link at the bottom of the page). So far this parody is consisting of 5 episodes, which 3 have already been made. The Parody stars Kaelalas, Bothorn, Cowman, Konataluckystar, and Crazy Ned (fictional).

    *We are also attracting many Role-Players to our kin, and we are deciding on making a little RP event. Strictly kin of course.

    *Our website is www.imperialmovement.com

    We are like most kinship's, with a few extra's. We love to raid and help other members, so join us in our quest! To join contact (through mail/tells) Kaelalas, Bothorn, Aldair, Brunlend, Cowman, Konataluckystar, or any officer of ours you encounter to join!

    *Episode 1 of the parody http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcH_iwk7bts

    *Episode 2 of the parody http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZRccQbVJ3M

    *Episode 3 of the parody http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOiSvMoT76Y

    ~Aldair, Officer and appointed 3rd in command of The Northern Kingdom

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    Bothorn (Igetboredproductions) has also released a late Halloween Special about 2 months ago. You can simply find it by typing "Northern Kingdom Late Halloween Special" into the Youtube search bar. Much of the series is in progress, with episode 4 being the next to be released soon. also be sure to check out Bothorn's Legend of Zelda Movie (which is currently in progress, being halfway done after roughly 2 years since it's creation).
    Also, keep in mind animation can add up to a great amount of work, especially when taking voice acting and the sort into consideration. This is something you will not find in many other kinships, especially on Imladris.

    ~Kaelalas, leader/founder of The Northern Kingdom kinship, Imladris.

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    I would just like to actually list what we do together as a kinship below:

    1) Raid
    2) Skirmish
    3) Roleplay
    4) Party
    5) Social
    6) Housing
    7) Warbands (for higher levels of course)
    8) Craft
    9) Meetings/gatherings
    10) Deeding/questing
    And more.

    Also, I would like to note that audio for episode 4 of the TNK Parody has been recently completed, and animation has begun.

    Update 1) The Northern Kingdom is putting together a massive role play event, which may open to all players outside the kinship as well. The role play event is still being planned out. In the event we make it server-wide, we may accept outside volunteers to help organize this event.
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