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    Is Arkenstone dead?

    I used to be able to find a group for Great Barrow extraordinarily easy and now it seems no one wants to do it, or there is just a lack of people. I don't see as many around and it worries me Is Arkenstone dying or something?

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    Could be everyone is still checking out the new instances, since I think the new 3-mans are available staring at lvl 20. Could also be not as many lower level players atm. We had an influx of new players last year, but many of those may have already left the game or leveled up into to other content.

    Personally, I'm not as fond of GB as some of the later instances.
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  3. It's not just GB it's a lot harder to get groups for a lot of things now like Turtle.
    Whether it's drop in numbers, or inactivity of players or something else Ark has grown less active.
    Maybe it's the lack of new raids that have turned people off of doing instances and so on.
    For me I don't do end game at all now because of how much luck and effort and luck is needed to get any good gear now.
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    I've never had much luck finding groups for lower level stuff, but then outside of endgame stuff, I tend to do a lot of soloing. For endgame, my kin is fairly active, so not a problem there either. Maybe find a more active kin, or ally with one.

    I can say this though, since the release of RoR our raids have been none to frequent, which is kind of expected. Everyone is running new content, first Rohan, then Yule festival. We've started picking the last couple weeks now that BG has been updated, but that's still just mostly farming the first boss for symbols. I expect that with the delay of 6-mans and raids from Rohan, that many players may have switched over to other games for lack of something new to run here.
    The Haruchai and The Elohim
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    I agree

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    Server has been dead since they nerfed bg. It took me 15 minutes to find DPS for a 3 man the other day. I spend my time leveling a crafting alt.

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    The server isn't dead, not by a long shot, it's just all in where you look nowadays, or how you go about doing it. Some content, it's next to impossible to get people for sometimes, and other times/situations I would suggest that it's maybe just the natural ebb and flow of people playing- happens to any game. I've been playing since beta, I've seen the server 'boom' and 'die' in cycles throughout this entire period of time, so I wouldn't worry- Arkenstone'll rebound! Also, it is correct that there is a pretty substantial lack of endgame content at present to entice players to log in for, as we wait for the larger Rohan content to drop. A lot of people were farming BG in bulk for a long time, which was kind of lame, and when the devs responded by nerfing it because people were taking advantage of the drops and not completing the instance to get good lewts, a lot of these ppl scaled back their activity and opted to forum-sulk instead, so there are a lot of people still on hiatus and still peeved about not getting good stuff for easy anymore. I usually am quite neutral in my posts, opting to be more optimistic and light-hearted, but the BG farming was pretty ridiculous, which is the only reason I mention it with any humor, lol, as a lot of people really did opt to sulk about that instead of continuing gameplay when it finally got nerfed. Populations are always dispirited when things change, but don't be discouraged. This game is equal parts fun and bs, you just gotta enjoy the game part and not let it get you stressed

    My suggestion is this, network! Group with random people, or find a kin, or both! I've found that it's the meeting people and the making friends that has kept possibilities for instances of all regions and levels open for me over the years. Glff and other sources may make it seem quiet or dead lately, but Arkenstone still has a pretty healthy population in attendence, and I know there are a lot of good, kindhearted, and helpful people around that would be willing to roll with ya for GB runs or anything, really, it's just being patient enough to find them

    Good luck in your endeavors. Cheers!
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    Alive and well

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    Still alive and kicking, I see many people playing everyday.

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    Today has been kinda slow. ><
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    yep....thats a wrap...



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