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    How do you say Winged Horse in Sindarin?

    Hi I got the winged horse from the refer a friend id like to name it Winged horse in Sindarin I cant seem to find it on any generator/websites anything when I do they all say different things.


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    Pegasus is a proper name, so I doubt you'll be able to translate it to Sindarin any more easily than you would any other name. Your best bet would probably be to name your mount "winged horse" or "horse with wings".
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    Pegasus, comes from the Ancient Greek 'pege', meaning spring/fount. According to this dictionary http://www.jrrvf.com/hisweloke/sinda...ict-en-sd.html 'spring' is 'eithil' in Sindarin. So, what you're looking for is most likely derived from that.
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    Eithil is the plural, it's 'springs', the singular is Eithel.

    I had this request once for a tattoo, I went for the 'horse with wings' approach:

    Roch edh-rovail = Horse of the wings (winged horse)
    or Roch adh rovail = Horse with wings
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