As some of know, I have been working on complete loot tables for the new 3mans plus Mirkwood scaled instances so far this is what I am missing. I need ya help in finishing it up before the next update
Iorbar's Peak: Completed.
Seat of the Great Goblin: Brosh's Embroidered Cloak but it doesn't come out until Update 10 >_<
Webs of the Scuttledells: Completed.
Sammath Gûl: Completed.
Warg Pens: Completed.
Dungeons: Completed. Boots of the Northern Emissary & Boots of the Northern Messenger Also Drop in SH but I saw it drop in Dungeons so I added to Dungeons loot table.
Sword-hall: Completed.
Barad Guldur: Completed.

Class Gold Pieces:
Cloak of the Exemplary Burglar
Figurine of the Exemplary Champion
Cloak of the Malledhrim Warden

Here is the Link

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