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    Angry freeps are still too strong.

    it mildly takes away from the appeal of the game if youre being sniped while trying to accomplish ordinary tasks.

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    You're in a PvP zone, and you're going to die. Repeatedly. Happens to all of us.

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    I don't know if your creep is a new one, but if so, it does get better....

    That being said... the first few seconds of a fight are critical and anytime a freep gets the jump on you, it makes it much harder to survive.

    Before you go into an area like HH or slugs or DC, track if you can. If you can't, be careful how many NPCs you fight at once.

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    It does get better and it's the same for everyone. I've been in the Moors for over five years and I still get mauled on a new creep or when I first get a freep to level cap. You will get used to it if you keep at it plus you may find others that are trying to accomplish the same goals and you can band together.
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    When a freep gets the jump on you or you get the jump on them, its never a fair fight. Whoever gets the jump, gets the advantage. But in raids, you have to be smart and the freeps are still a little more powerful with all their top armour and better dps. Just travel in groups and kick the &&&& out of whatever you see.

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    remember rank and tactics. how you use your skills is better than anything else. i once soloed an LM on my rank 4 warg. it was in the delving in a freep controlled area

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    Quote Originally Posted by polsvc View Post
    it mildly takes away from the appeal of the game if youre being sniped while trying to accomplish ordinary tasks.
    Ettenmoors is a PvP zone, expect to run into some people.
    Some freeps you can beat, some you cant. You just got to try and try until you no longer have to try
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