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    Latest NVIDIA drivers and quest rings on mini map + map go haywire?

    Well, just after the last update I started noticing this behavior. All quest rings, tracking things on both map and mini map glitch out every now and again. Seems that both latest versions of Nvidia drivers give the same problem. If I put a few steps forward or back I notice that they stop glitching. A few steps more and the glitching is back, or all quest track thingies are totally off the map. Even funnier to top everything all off, just earlier tonight I noticed my character pointer on the mini map just disappearing and reappearing every now and a gain. This is greatly annoying.

    Are there more people who are having this particularly irritating problem?

    On my laptop everything seems to be working (it's got a Radeon vidcard) so I'm blaming the combination of Nvidia hardware and latest build of the game.

    Card is a EVGA GTX 580 SC.

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    Drivers NVidia

    310.70 seems to be buggy - shows flickering and other probs in other games too (see forum NVidia-Driver)
    306.97 seems to be ok


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    I can confirm switching the driver fixes everything I experienced!!

    Well, we're going to stick to the 306.* driver until they can release a decent 31*.* version.
    Thanks for pointing out that there are more people having problems with it.

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    310.x - buggy
    311.x beta - buggy

    only 306.97 wqhl - ok

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    To solve this problem I go into options, adv graphics tab, scroll down to bottom, click 'sync to', then click it off again. It's a bit of a pain doing it every time though.

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    Yeah I ended up reverting back to the previous version.
    It was happening to me as well.
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    Just for anyone still following this thread...Update 10 part 2 fixes this problem Currently running the newest 314.07 with no issues.



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