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    Decorations troubles and how do you handle them?

    I am having a few problems with decorations and was wondering if anyone else was experiencing these and how do you handle them.
    1. Too many items, too small a house
    I am sort of a collector and like to keep all the instances trophies and all of the festival housing items just in case I might actually come to place them in the house. Some of these decorations are bound (esp. the trophies), others are not. I have vendored back all the pretty items that are easy to buy/get. I send the non-bound to vault alts and place almost exclusive bound items in my houses (I have a few on different accounts, incl a kinship house) in order to save place in my main characters vault.
    which leads to the second problem
    2. Bound decorations to different characters
    With most decorations in my house being BOA, it's a pain to redecorate my house. This endless relogging in order to put all where it looks best; then have a change of heart (as there will always be that decoration not looking as good in its new place as you'd imagined) and do a few more relogging to switch items places.

    If we had a wardrobe similar housing container, that would have been awesome; or if we actually had a house per character instead per account... but that's too much to wish for. So, how do you handle your housing items, where do you store them and how do you deal with BOA decorations? Are you more practical in placing BOA items despite the looks (waiting for better times) or do you prefer the aesthetics?

    I'd appreciate your ideas and comments.

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    I know this is going to sound disheartening, but for me, after 5 years of being extremely disappointed in Turbine's apparent apathy regarding housing...

    Well I can't say that, because my disgust took more like 3 years not 5...so for the past 2 years I have made NO changes to any of my houses.

    I have them...I use them for mass storage of things like crafting ingredients, cosmetic dyes/dye components, crafting crit items, etc. Oh, and for the port and the discount at the housing vendor. Otherwise I don't touch them. I haven't redecorated in years. I do, on occasion, save that 'hard to get' housing decoration with the faint hope that some day Turbine will make the effort to improve/replace the system...but otherwise they are little more than glorified vaults and ports to me.
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    Thanks for the answer, it's comforting to know I am not the only one around with that kind of problem.

    I have seen multiple threads over the years and most people wish for stables or crafting facilities or additional decoration, but no one I've found has complained about the amount of decorations, or the impossibility to show off all your prized items or at least most, or the difficulty of rearranging items - hence I thought someone might have come up with a solution. I guess I was wrong, maybe most people are simply extremely selective in what they buy from festivals and on their hunting/instance trophies they keep.



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