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    Tarnished Symbols and Skraids

    Do Tarnished Symbols of Celebrimbor drop from level 76+ skraids, or only when they are set to level 85? Me and a few friends are going to try to 3-man tier 1 'Breaching Necromancer's Gate' set to 12 people, and we were wondering what level we needed it to be set at for it to drop tsocs. Also, if it does drop from level 76 skraids, do the chances increase the higher the level it is set at?

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    Pretty sure that symbols and all other good loot only drop from the lvl 85 skraids.

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    Only from the big raid chest at 85
    We also do Necro gate skraid every week with 4 people, without tank (2 Champs, 1 Cappy, 1 Mini) to get all possible loot + eventual symbol or crystals
    (it can be done in duo with a tank)

    Our only problem is with the Frigid Squall which always tries to kill our Mini and that we cannot aggro.
    In fact, the Mini doesn't have to revive and must let us killing it (not a lot damage on me even on its AoE (tank geared Champ))
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