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    Lothlorien rep gating

    Do you guys think that it was lore appropriate to be acquaintance rep with the elves of lothlorien before entering the golden wood or not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamatram View Post
    Do you guys think that it was lore appropriate to be acquaintance rep with the elves of lothlorien before entering the golden wood or not?
    Depends upon which narrative is being used to rationalise the change.

    Given Turbine's narrative thread of Lorien being a main gateway to Rohan a change of some sort was required to provide access.

    In the legendarium the discussion with Haldir provides different approaches.

    Elves being distant relations; and messengers from Elrond resulting in access permission.

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    It should be possible to go between the forest and the mountains south according (at least) to the Unfinished Tales. Nazgul did in the time between when Gollum was released/escaped from Mordor, or perhaps even marauding bands of Orcs, though certainly not straight through the wood or near enough to the trees to be spotted. Seeing as how the world in this game makes it impossible to do so without treading IN the forest because of the mapping choices, I think that it's possible that our passage, while perhaps not entirely welcome without reputation, would be allowed without interference. They could tell we were not orcs or goblins or ringwraiths and since new information is being collected by Nerwen on the gathering storm, I would think she'd be more likely now to let us through than she might have been in times of peace.

    Quote Originally Posted by JRR Tolkein and C. Tolkien in "The Hunt for the Ring"
    About the twenty-second of July they met their companions, the Nazgûl of Dol Guldur, in the Field of Celebrant. There they learned that Gollum had eluded both the Orcs that recaptured him, and the Elves that pursued them, and had vanished. 2 They were told also by Khamûl that no dwelling of Halflings could be discovered in the Vales of Anduin, and that the villages of the Stoors by the Gladden had long been deserted. But the Lord of Morgul, seeing no better counsel, determined still to seek northward, hoping maybe to come upon Gollum as well as to discover the Shire. That this would prove to be not far from the hated land of Lórien seemed to him not unlikely, if it was not indeed within the fences of Galadriel. But the power of the White Ring he would not defy, nor enter yet into Lórien. Passing therefore between Lórien and the Mountains the Nine rode ever on into the North; and terror went before them and lingered behind them; but they did not find what they sought nor learn any news that availed them.

    At length they returned; but the summer was now far waned, and the wrath and fear of Sauron was mounting. When they came back to the Wold September had come; and there they met messengers from Barad-dûr conveying threats from their Master that filled even the Morgul-lord with dismay. For Sauron had now learned of the words of prophecy heard in Gondor, and the going forth of Boromir, of Saruman's deeds, and the capture of Gandalf. From these things he concluded indeed that neither Saruman nor any other of the Wise had possession yet of the Ring, but that Saruman at least knew where it might be hidden. Speed alone would now serve, and secrecy must be abandoned.
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