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    Nov 2010
    1 highspires st Thekksgrof

    New to server? New to the forums? Or just old pretending to be new?

    Well regardless of either We welcome you! all of us ( yes im speaking for the ones that wouldent)
    We hope that you find your time on dwarrowdelf interesting, and eventful! With the amount of active players, and the diversity of our great server, and the diversity of kins we host Both solo player, and kin'd players welcome you!.

    If your looking to find a great place to call home, You will find this to be the greatest place you have ever known, With the perfect balance of social, and hardcore players, You will find a great balance between those who have played for years and know nothing and those whop have played for a week and know everything!.

    We at dwarrowdelf Travel agencies wish you all a great experiance while here, and we hope that you find the forums here, and the community in the game to be well established, and for lack of better words "massive"

    Have fun to all of you!

    -self appointed advertising agent!
    [RIGHT]Founder & Leader Massive Dynamics 2011 - 2013
    Founder & Leader Global Dynamics 2012 - current
    Co Founder We Eat Your Babies 2012
    Fulksayyan - Haggenrat - Harksayyan - Canthrondell[/RIGHT]

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    I'm new to the forums trying to get my post count up.....lololololol



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