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    LF mature kinship on Laurelin

    I am looking for a mature / minimum age RP guild on Laurelin, if such exist.
    not to dismiss younger players, but being of 30+ age I would appreciate a higher average age of comrades to share banter with, do skirmishes etc. while being fairly casual due to RL commitments.
    If such a place exists and is happy to recruit new people to the game (not the genre), many thanks for letting me know.
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    I'm sure there are a number of kin's out there, sharing the same view-point. But I can only speak for the one I'm in.

    People of the shire (hobbit rp kin) is part of an rp alliance taking in two elven kins, and one highly active dwarf kin. Finding people for skirmishes or raids should be easy. we have a chat channel and forum for those wishing to keep in touch that way.

    Laquendi Order is one of our elven brothers, our dwarven side is hosted by Durin's folk.

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    Thank you for your kind reply. I should probably add at this point that I am human myself, of Rohan.

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    There are two Rohirrim kinships i know of the oldest and the one i know more about is called the Riders of the Rohirrim. They are a decent sized kinship and as such have many active members.

    If you go into your social panel you can enter the name of the kinship and see who is online should you wish to contact them.

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    Our kinship

    This might be a bit too late but why not eh?!

    Let me introduce you to our kinship.

    I'm Gellthir Laingwador, First officer of "The Children Of Ilúvatar" or "TCOI" for short.
    We are a very active, social, mature and kind kinship. We founded this kinship 2 years ago. We've had some quiet times but are now very active. With very active I mean 80-100 characters online every day.

    We have our own website and facebook page. On our website we have a forum where our players can write down their RP journals and story's. In our kinship we have alot of RPers willing to RP with you. We are thinking of starting our own kinship band.

    We are not only RPérs, we have alot of meetings and weekly events to quest/skirmish/raid together. We have our own banking system to help eachother with crafting and sharing items. If you are looking for this also, you are more then welcome with us!

    We are all parents, students or working alot. The most active players in our kinship are 25 years or older. We are a mixed kinship with players from all regions. Most of us are from europe and that's why we handle GMT times for our meetings. We are trying to scedule them at times when the NA players are able to join us also.

    one last thing! We are also a smial of the official Tolkien Society, under the name Laurelin. Our smial focuses on Lotro primarily. Smial's members can meet in real life to socialise and to discuss all aspect of Tolkien-lore, and for that we are based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    If you are interested in joining our kinship, you can apply to our kinship on our website. To get on our website, click on the following banner!

    We hope to see you ingame, and may the Valar guide your steps!

    ~~Gellthir Laingwador
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